Kate Middleton: Will She Give Birth Early?

Friday, June 28, 2013

kate-middletonKATE Middleton‘s family are worried she’ll go into labor early.

The British royal is expecting her first child with Prince William, and could give birth any day from now.

“The whole family is on tenterhooks,” a source told Britain’s Now magazine. “There’s a real worry she could go into labor as early as this week.

“Nurses at Kensington Palace have been put on standby and they’re taking ever precaution not to leave Kate alone for one minute.”

Meanwhile, sources say Kate is “really enjoying her final weeks of pregnancy”.

“Kate finds pregnancy fascinating,” a source said.

“She still says, ‘I can’t believe it’ when you talk about a baby being inside her’.

“She and William are both so excited and have so many questions.

“They want to know what the baby will look like and who it will take after.

“She wants to be near William in the final weeks.

“It’s important to her. It’s very exciting.”[imagebrowser id=988]


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