Natalie Portman Has A “Terrible Temper” On Set For New Movie

Friday, June 28, 2013

Natalie PortmanIT would seem as though Natalie Portman is one of the sweetest women in Hollywood, however according to those on set of her new movie, Jane Got A Gun, she’s a complete and utter control freak!

“She and her producing partners are literally ‘Harvarding’ this movie to death and second-guessing every decision they make,” reveals the source. “Nobody has any confidence in the project anymore. They’re all so miserable and tiptoeing around Natalie and her terrible temper.”

After many A-List men turned down the chance for an on-screen romance with Portman, it would seem she’s a little bitter.

The source continued “So many actors backed out of the movie, and she’s taking it out on everyone… first it was Michael Fassbender, then Jude Law and finally Bradley Cooper – and Natalie took that personally.”

And it seems the Black Swam star is taking it out on everyone else.

“She is such a micromanager and has no qualms about dressing someone down and humiliating them… she’s made people cry and never apologizes. She tells everyone how to do their job: the lighting guy, the sound guy and the director. It’s crazy!”


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  • Sam

    Stupidest article ever. Your ‘source’ (who is obviously also your reporter and has absolutely nothing to do with the movie) should check his information, two of those A-Listers you mentioned pulled out because of CONTRACTUAL OBLIGATIONS which mean they couldn’t do the movie, whether they wanted to or not. No producer in the world would take that as an insult. And if anyone thinks Portman would be in charge, they are a moron.