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Sherri Shepherd and Wendy Williams at War?

Posted by Adam

Sherri ShepherdSHERRI Shepherd is at war with Wendy Williams!

According to a new report, the talk-show divas have made nice on camera, but have secretly been dissing each other’s wig collections.

“Sherri pretends she doesn’t care about Wendy’s wigs,” a source said.

“But she was overheard saying that her styles are more natural and practical, while Wendy’s line seems to be geared toward young girls and drag queens. Sherri would never say it to Wendy’s face of course, but it was a clear jab.

“Wendy heard about Sherri’s nasty comment afterward, but she wasn’t that concerned. She was actually more upset that she didn’t know about it sooner because she would have loved to confront Sherri on the air.

“Besides, Wendy’s not worried about her wig line flopping because she considers herself an expert on all things hair-related. She says the proof is in the pudding – and her hair is always impeccably styled for TV. But that’s not true for Sherri!”

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