Brad Pitt And Angelina Jolie Set A Date.

Friday, June 28, 2013

"World War Z" Germany Premiere - ArrivalsBACK in 2006, Brad Pitt announced that he and Angelina Jolie would not get married until everybody in the country legally could.

And on June 26, the Supreme Court supported marriage equality abolishing the Defense of Marriage Act and reinstating gay marriage in California. YAY.

Now, Vh1′s ‘The Gossip Table’ have revealed that Brangelina have set a date!

The power couple will supposedly walk down the aisle before the year is out. Noah Levy, one of the co-hosts on Vh1′s The Gossip Table, claimed “The wedding of the century could be this summer – Brad and Angelina actually have set a date.”

The couple who have three biological children together and three adopted officially became engaged back in April 2012 and Pitt said that his wedding to long-term girlfriend Ange would be “simple” with “just family present”.


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  • cleangarry

    F pervert couple.
    I hope they will see the marriage between Pax and Maddox.

    • Elmo

      Yep. “Wedding of the century” is Levy trying to imply that their wedding will be bigger than William and Kate’s? HA! I honestly feel bad for those children.

      • Jesse

        you mean your own kids? yeah i kinda feel bad for them to for 2 reasons — 1. their dad/mom/whatever chose the name elmo; 2. their dad/mom/whatever has no real job hence, the massive free time to spew garbage online.

  • cleangarry

    • jilly

      The face is pretty close to reality! It’s like he’s always on his period with a bloated face. :)

  • Elaine

    get a REAL job unclean garry. i’m sure this photo shopped pic of brad looks 100% better than yours. i’m sorry that you’re still hurting that brad dumped his butt-ugly, horse-faced ex-wife 8 YEARS AGO!!! get over it faggot, no amount of hating on brad and angie will make him to back to your wh0re idol jennifuck anuston :D

    • cleangarry

      Brad is not from the Perfectness Planet.
      There are A LOT of attractive guys in the Hollywood.
      Tell me better – what do you think about gays marriages?
      What his mother Jane told him about his gay propaganda?…

      • jilly

        Mother Jane rathers her son being Gay than being with the SLUT of the Century!

      • Heidi Bivens

        exactly, that’s why Jane told Brad to dump Slutiston, biggest wh0re of all

    • Elmo

      The picture is photoshopped? YOU DON’T SAY!!!!

      (Read with massive sarcasm)

  • jilly

    The none existing wedding has been the JOKE of the Century so far, hard to beat that!! Two phony bitches might as well keep living in sin.

    • Heidi Bivens

      not married = living in sin? so that also qualifies 90% of hollyweird right?including the biggest wh0re of all – your idol jawnifer maniston. heard she banged half of the guys in showbiz. too bad they all found her a BORING cow. she and woody allen make a perfect couple…… LMAO!!!