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Lady GaGa at Gay Pride: ‘You Saved me When I Didn’t Fit in’ (PICS AND VIDEO)

Posted by Adam

gagaLADY GaGa is dedicated to the cause!

The singer has made her first public appearance since she was forced to cancel her tour due to injury.

The 27-year-old joined throngs of fans to celebrate the start of pride weekend.

The superstar, known for her vocal support of the LGBT community, gave a stirring speech about how much the support of her gay fans has meant to her.

“When I was in high school and grade school and younger, I was considered to be an outcast and I just couldn’t find my place,” she said. “Where did I fit in? And I look back on that time and I remember feeling that I was cut from a different mold.

“There was a particular crowd who did accept me. There was a particular crowd who made room for me at their table, who held me up when I felt I couldn’t, who loved me for exactly who I was. It was you.

“You saved me, my friends in the LGBT community, time and time again. And I saw God for the first real time in all of you.”

GaGa praised the last week’s Supreme Court ruling overturning the Defense of Marriage Act and slammed recent homophobia-spurred attacks in the city.

“The violence that has taken place towards LGBTs in the past moths is unacceptable here and anywhere,” the singer announced.

“We are not a niche. We are a part, a big giant part of humanity. It’s time for us to be mainstream. I demand the rights! To safe streets!”