Cher: ‘Amanda Bynes Feud is Over.. I Need to Mentor Young People’

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Monday, July 1, 2013

CherPOP superstar Cher is, for some reason, giving Amanda Bynes airtime!

The diva has opened about her recent Twitter spat with the troubled actress.

After sending Bynes an apology on the social networking site, the iconic singer sat down with E! News to talk about why she called off the mini-feud.

“I never understood the thing about not saying you’re sorry because it’s so easy…it doesn’t take any time and it just dissolves all the bad feelings,” Cher said.

“It just lets it go, and we can’t hold on to that kind of stuff. It makes you sick.”

The Twitter war of words came about after a fan asked the entertainer if she was upset that Bynes called her “ugly and a flop,” to which Cher replied, “Who’s that?”

After Bynes tweeted, “This is my twitter. I say whatever I want. Thanks!,” Cher sent over an apology, saying, “you got That One Right! Sorry about shade, Sweet-Heart, it was unintentional…Promise.”

Cher said it’s her preference to serve as a mentor for younger people on Twitter, rather than argue with them.

“It’s a rough time in history for kids,” Cher said. “Sex didn’t kill you when I was young and people weren’t trying to blow up buildings.”

“I feel a lot of compassion for these young kids that are growing up that don’t really understand exactly what’s going on. It’s really rough. That’s why I do a lot of tweeting…I feel kind of like a mother. It’s something that gives them a little insight into things and it doesn’t make them think that all grownups are the enemy.”

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  • J P

    Cher is a mega star, something Amanda Bynes could never hope to be, and has shown a lot of class with her latest response.

  • raynna

    I think the only 4 letter word she knows is U-G-L-Y–shows how “unimaginative” she is….I think she is FUGLY now–she used to be cute and I used to like her movies–but not anymore…she has definitely gone off the deep end.

  • raynna

    My reference to the 4 letter word is Amanda Bynes–not Cher—-Cher is a very intelligent, nice woman, who far outshines Amanda Bynes.