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Al Pacino Reveals He Turned To Alcohol To Deal With His Success

Posted by Chloe

8th Annual Los Angeles, Italia Film, Fashion and Art Festival Opening Night - ArrivalsAL Pacino has revealed how he turned to alcohol at the start of his career to help him cope with his success and fame.

The 73 year old legend told how when he first came to fame he received no support from his family.

When the actor was just 22, his mother and grandfather passed away and his career took off after his role in infamous Mafia film The Godfather, so he hit the bottle to deal with it.

Speaking to The Sun UK, he said:

“I home people at a young age have a support system in their life that enables them to deal with fame. But I did not have that kind of equipment.”

“I started drinking more and more. At first, it was part of the territory – part of the acting culture. There’s a pattern in drinking. It can lead to other things, like a downward spiral. I joined Alcoholics Anonymous for a while.”

He continues, talking about his regret that his mother didn’t get to see how successful he has become.

“If my mother came back now I’d have to sit her down and put a cold towel on her forehead because she would be so shocked at what has happened to me.”