Hillary Clinton Has Secret Plastic Surgery!

Thursday, July 4, 2013

201328HILLARY Clinton has undergone a secret plastic surgery makeover to look years younger.

According to America’s Globe magazine, the former First Lady got the face lift and is now planning to divorce husband Bill Clinton.

Sources say one of the reasons pushing Hillary into a $120 million divorce is husband Bill Clinton‘s refusal to take a DNA test to determine if he’s the father of a hooker’s love child.

Recent reports claimed Hillary squashed a series of shocking sexual shenanigans during her stint as secretary of state.

“Hillary broke down in tears and made a stunning confession to Bill about what she said she thought was going on under her watch,” revealed a close source.

“She cried, ‘It’s a f****** mess!’

Bill Clinton directed Hillary to ‘steer clear’ of it and keep her head down. He thought that if the scandal blew up in public at the time, it would hurt her chances to get into the White House.

“Both Bill and Hillary thought she’d escaped with the sleazy secrets buried when she left her post as secretary of state. But now they’ve reared their ugly head thanks to a whistleblower, who has others backing up his claims.

“Despite Hillary’s public demeanor that she’s done nothing wrong, behind the scenes she’s shaking over fears that her knowledge of the scandals will be­come public, and it will cost her the 2016 election.

“The anxiety and stress she’s under could easily make Hillary seriously ill, and even put her life in jeopardy. After all, she’s no spring chicken.

“She turns 66 this year, she recently recovered from a critical blood clot next to her brain, and she’s strategizing to run for the White House. Now she’s becoming entangled in State De­partment sex scandals that could put her back in the hospital, and destroy her political future!”




  • Mike Atlas

    Why don’t the Clinton’s just f’n DIE!

    • Elmo

      Seconded. Exept chelsea. She’s the only decent one.

  • cleangarry

    Her previous mouth looks sexy. Well, she smiles like a rabbit now.

  • Dawn Marie Lashua

    And Diane Lane is to play Clinton in a mini series? LOL
    Robert DeNiro had to gain 60 lbs to play Raging Bull. I wonder how much weight Lane will have to gain to play the Raging Sow!

    Truth is, if Hillary looked like Diane Lane, there would have never been a Monica! But, what difference does it make now, huh Hillary?

  • Anonymous

    She looks HOT and I would totally f*** her if given the chance.

  • JustChillTheFrackOut

    Oh fuck off with your propaganda. If you think the stress of it’s gonna hurt her why lay it on her? For a good story?

  • gorgez

    why do they get that mess not going to make look good just stop already