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Kate Middleton, Queen Elizabeth Ban Camilla From Baby’s Birth

Posted by Adam

Kate MiddletonKATE Middleton is laying down the law!

The has banned her other-in-law Camilla from the delivery room when she gives birth to her child later this month, according to America’s Globe magazine.

And the best part? Queen Elizabeth is supporting Kate’s decision.

Meanwhile, sources say Kate is “nervous” about giving birth.

The British beauty is expecting her first child with husband Prince William. There’s just one week to go before her due date, but she’s feeling “great” — and a little apprehensive.

“She’s full of energy and really rather used to the bump!” a source told Us Weekly.

“Naturally she is a little nervous about the big day, what new mum wouldn’t be?

“She’s still busy, making sure she’s done as much as possible for the new house before the baby is born.

“Once the baby is here, she won’t have time for anything else!”[imagebrowser id=1132]

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  • Bamboo

    See those nude photos I can see clearly that Kate tries to take attention from Will. She has tried every sexy position infront of him, although he is just interested in his book.

  • sudoku da silva tetris

    I bielive she prefers no one looking her in that moment. But she just cans exclude Camilla…

  • Symanthia

    I think if this is what Kate wants, she has every right to ask for this. Camilla isn’t even a blood relation to the father, she’s William’s step-mother. I personally wouldn’t want my husbands step mother in the delivery room. It’s her child and she has a right to whatever privacy she wants, especially since she gets so little in other aspects of her day to day life. I’m very glad the Queen has sided with Kate on this.

  • Amy Hillgren Peterson

    I’m sure Camilla was not the only person banned from the delivery room. If my mother had been living, I may or may not have invited her in, and she may have preferred to be in the waiting room. I never considered having my father or any of my in-laws there. Just hubby.