Barry Manilow, His Face Freak Out Twitter: ‘He Looks Like a Ventriloquist Dummy’

Saturday, July 6, 2013

BOXpg4vCIAM8vUXBARRY Manilow‘s face stole the show as he headlined PBS’ 33rd annual “A Capitol Fourth” Thursday.

The Fourth of July celebration on the National Mall in Washington, D.C., marked Manilow’s second time at the live, televised event.

“I did it four years ago and I was so thrilled when they called me back and asked me to do it again,” he said.

“For me it was one of the biggest thrills, not only because I was standing, singing, looking at the Capitol and being surrounded by history… and then being in the company of the National Orchestra [who] are amazing. Most of all, for me, it was ending the show with ‘Let Freedom Ring.’ Bruce [Sussman] and I wrote it for a moment like that.”

While many Twitter users cheered Manilow’s performance, praising him for singing live, the majority were more focused on the 70-year-old’s surgically enhanced facial features.

“Barry Manilow kinda creeps me out,” said one user.

“Barry Manilow has a body like a ventriloquist dummy,” said another.

Barry has previously confessed he “paid no attention” to his finances until he was declared bankrupt.

The Copacabana hitmaker discovered in 1980 that mismanagement of his fortune had resulted in his millions being squandered away to the point where he had “absolutely no money”, and while he was forced to start all over again, the legendary singer can now “smile” about the experience.

“There was a point in my career where I had absolutely no money. I was not prepared for all that cash that came at me, I paid no attention to it,” he said.

“I hired somebody and I trusted people, but I looked up one day after all those hits, after I wrote all those songs and I had just $11,000 in the bank. After all over those hits, I had to start all over again.

“I can smile about it now.”



    I agree. His plastic surgeon did one lousy job; why is that these celebrities can pay any amount to get surgery done like a facelift and many of them have had disasters, like Bruce Jenner, Lisa Presley – gosh I wish she had left her beautiful face alone! – and poor little me who can only afford a laser treatment looks natural and like my self but a few years younger? I could hardly watch the guy whom I just love; what a voice and what a song writer, but he could hardly move his lips and you know it hurt to stretch them.

    • jackle61

      Do you mean Priscilla Presley? Lisa Marie still looks pretty good.


        You are right! Lisa looks good; it is Priscilla that had a bad time under the knife. Thanks for that correction Jackie61