Christie Brinkley Wants Billy Joel to Curb His Boozing

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

2012 Smile Train World Smile Day Hosted by Christie BrinkleyCHRISTIE Brinkley wants to stage an intervention to help ex-husband Bill Joel curb his boozing.

The former supermodel des­perately wants the Piano Man kick his alcohol habit — but, according to a new report from the National Enquirer, those closest to him refuse to get involved, and his girlfriend Alexis Roderick believes Christie is be­ing a “control freak,” says an insider.

Joel — who did stints in rehab in 2002 and 2005 — denies he has a drink­ing problem.

Billy was spotted earlier this year drinking red wine at a Florida restaurant. Then, looking bleary-eyed, he hopped onto his motorcycle.

Christie — who has remained close to the six-time Gram­my winner since their 1994 divorce — then began sounding the alarm.

“Billy is playing with fire by continuing to drink,” a source said.

“He’s semi-retired now and plays very few concerts. Christie knows Billy, and when he’s bored he turns to drinking.”

Christie has reportedly discussed Joel’s drinking with their 27-year-old daughter Alexa Ray as well as Alexis, 31.

“But she can’t find one person who is willing to stand up with her and stage an intervention,” said the friend.

“Alexis believes Christie may be well-meaning, but thinks she’s being a control freak and that Billy can handle his drinking now. She tells Christie until she really sees a problem, let him have his glass of wine – he’s earned it.

“Alexa doesn’t want to confront her dad, either. She wants to maintain a good relationship. But there’s a big fear that Billy’s headed down a slippery slope by drinking at all.”



  • ellen

    I know the feeling..when to intervene..when someone has clearly demonstrated that they will eventually kill themselves..but now “has it under control” and they do actually now..but, it can relapse to that same old depth…it is that place that they go..they can return to their old ways again.

    • M. DeLaurie

      Ellen -
      If you believe this phony trash you have the mentality of a sheep.

      • ellen

        Addiction? It matters not who, but the mechanics and the psychology of avoidance. If you have that, cold turkey works if you have the strength, but it can be very tough. So…no, not sheep…experienced.

        good luck

      • M. DeLaurie

        Okay – you’re a sheep with experience.
        And it DOES matter who – when it’s slander.

      • ellen

        Hi M. De
        I think I get now what you are talking about. I am not talking about billy joel..i am only referring to addiction in general. I have no idea if he is that intrigued with alcohol, but my guess would be that he is not. I think he would be fully retired, and doing other things. I also think it is very cool that he has sort of just left the music business, the stage etc..but still writes serious stuff for projects, and just for himself. A song writer never stops writing music really ever. CB has always been a bit of a worrier and mother hen kind of..but that is also her natural bias. Billy is and was a kind of international star..fairly huge at one point, with all that that can bring upon a person. Excess is all over that world. What is interesting, is to watch the decompression to normal from those worlds..where a star becomes basically back to normal, pedestrian again. Without that huge stimulus, he needs to learn how to be normal again. I think he is doing just that.
        I do not believe that CB is committing slander at all, I think in her own way she is trying to help…but, she is very protected in her own little very cautious world..and so she really has no idea just how wild Billy would have been in his near but past life. CB would naturally think his normal is destructive..I truly think she is just worried. Billy, like us all, are not getting any younger. The body can only take so much.

      • M. DeLaurie

        Ellen, Ellen, Ellen,………
        The slander isn’t from CB – the slander is concocted by this gossip rag with the intention of titillating people like you.

      • ellen

        You imply a characterization that does not exist. I and others are perfectly capable of separating any mention of an alleged issue from any particular human being. Any statement in any publication is merely indicative, like a hangar is to clothes. I think you should be more expansive in your thinking. There is no titillation as you state, I don’t even know what that is.
        …Let me put it to you this way: I have a brother, he is a street person now. He has untreated mental illness in my opinion fully expressed now. He uses whatever, but mostly alcohol to self medicate.
        …I am only saying that we can use anything we might read, and take the issue much larger in scope, and apply it true or untrue without it being affixed to anyone.

        ..I think it is fun to mention though, that I chance glanced at this from a medical association in terms of potential addiction, only to find that the situation implied is not relevant to my concern, which is, what do people do with their experiences when they know someone with destructive tendencies, systemic, genetic, or acquired by lifestyle.
        ..I also note, that you were reading this obviously too, and wonder how or why you arrived at your conclusion. You give these publications way too much credit, as if they sway at all.
        ..Think of it this many glowing wonderful things are said about these people in general, that are absolutely not true. Famous people in this world do not entertain me in the least, nor do their daily lives. These people are no different from me and you. They just put themselves in an arena that made them known. They sought that. So?

  • CMoore

    Things must be very slow in the celebrity news world so I guess that’s when they just start making stuff up. I think this sounds like pure bs.

  • Terry Moran

    None of this is true. Billy Joel should sue you for every penny you have.

  • James

    Posted by “Adam”? What a joke. Get some credibility.

  • byke masterson

    Pure, unadultrated crap. They pick up an Enquirer article and ‘cut-n-paste’ it as real news. Shame.

  • Hue Dick

    What a wuss! From what I am reading #1 He get’s hammered on booze and Humboldt’s finest and South American marching powder in front of the chicks and then what? #2 Get’s on his YamaHarley and drives away half baked and leaves them there. #3 Not even a shred of Chivalry in the pianoman? #4 Those chicks are fine delicate creatures they are not Rozz the Mental Health nurse weighing in there at a meir #325 and then leaves them there when there is other inbriates around.

    • S. Barber

      “From what I am reading”……………exactly. If you believe what you read in this rag then you deserve to continue dwelling on the planet of the terminally stupid. Your ineptitude at spelling and punctuation already reveals a weak mind

  • puppybrown

    Why doesn’t she get a life and quit worrying about stuff that she didn’t care about when they were married?

  • Mary Andraso

    There Christie goes again! Christie you are no longer married to Billy (he has a girlfriend) and your Ex Husband has a new wife. She has turned into a meddling sour old woman. I PITY her!