Pippa Middleton Gets Dressing Down From Prince William!

Friday, July 12, 2013

Pippa MiddletonPIPPA Middleton has got herself in trouble with Prince William!

William apparently told Pippa off for upsetting his wife — Pippa’s sister, Kate Middleton.

“Pippa’s quite understandably upset because The Palace continually points out that she’s not a royal, yet keeps nixing events like Pippa’s book promotion tour to America, and her scheduled tennis match at The Queen’s Club in London,” a source said.

“But Kate became incredibly distressed when her sister told her she’d escape the royal regime by moving to the U.S. after Kate gives birth. William, who’s been walking on eggshells around Kate because of her fragile emotional state, couldn’t believe Pippa’s insensitivity.

“He told her, ‘You’re selfish and thoughtless. Why on earth would you break such shocking news to your sister right before she gives birth?’ And now… he’s barely speaking to her!”

Meanwhile, Pippa has been telling friends that her handsome boyfriend Nico Jackson is “the one” — according to Britain’s Mail on Sunday newspaper.

Pippa is expected to announce her engagement within months — and is only delaying the news out of deference to Kate, who is due to give birth to her first child later this month.

“An engagement is definitely on the cards,” a source said.

“The last time Nico spoke about Pippa to his friends back home in Folkestone, he was totally buzzing about her. He is in his element right now.

“He has never been happier and this is really what he wants.


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