Kellie Pickler Obsessed With Derek Hough

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Kellie PicklerKELLIE Pickler is obsessed with her Dancing with the Stars partner Derek Hough — and it’s driving her friends wild.

The singer was a total novice when pro hoofer Derek took her under his wing on last season’s DWTS.

But with Derek’s guidance, the pair went on to win the coveted mirror ball trophy on the show’s May 21 finale.

Now Kellie — who’s married to songwriter Kyle Jacobs — wants to thank Derek by making him a big music star.

“Kellie is just bubbly by nature, and when she makes a friend, it’s like all warm, wet kisses,” a source said.

“She’s still excited about win­ning ‘Dancing with the Stars,’ all she ever talks about is ‘Derek, Derek, Derek!’

“She tells her personal trainer, ‘Well, Derek said I should work out this way,’ she tells the members of her band that Derek should join them on tour, and she even tells her husband she’d like Derek to come and stay with them.

“Kyle’s not the jealous type, but he’s like, ‘Enough with Derek already!’

“Kyle is kind of used to Kellie’s hyper happy behavior and laughs about it. But he still told her that Derek isn’t moving in with them!”



  • Catfishjones

    Not sure why anyone would use the ‘National Enquirer’ as the source of any info like this…especially a twisted ,non-professional written piece on a celebrity who is careful in their public image and her husband who is very guarded about his personal life

  • Walt

    don’t know if the Derek stuff is true but give Derek his walking papers

  • NanaBear50

    These pseudo-journalists are always trying to cause a sensation. You can’t even be friends with someone without being called obsessed. Please, if you can’t report accurate news items…get out of the business. No one believes your garbage.

  • Nashville

    Country music singer/songwriter and dance enthusiast Kellie Pickler
    performed two songs while members of the Nashville Ballet company danced
    during the Ballet Ball 2014 at the Schermerhorn Symphony Center last
    Saturday, Mar. 8.