Kate Middleton Makes Camilla Collapse!

Friday, July 19, 2013

kateKATE Middleton is making Prince Charles‘ wife jealous!

Sources say Camilla Parker Bowles can’t stand the fact that Prince William, Kate and their baby are going to be adored throughout the world – and she’s not.

“Camilla is so bitter that she suffered a devastating secret collapse,” a source told America’s Globe magazine.

Meanwhile, Kate is reportedly with her family.

The Duchess of Cambridge is said to have returned to the Middleton’s Berkshire home to spend the final days of her pregnancy with her parents at their $10 million mansion.

Kate has been at the property since Friday, where she’s been enjoying some home comforts before becoming a mother.

The last-minute move would mean the Duchess would face a 50 mile drive to her labor suite in Queen Mary’s hospital in Paddington, London.

Police cars were reportedly seen outside Carole and Michael Middleton‘s home and are said to be on hand to escort the heavily pregnant Duchess to hospital when she goes into labor, according to the Sunday Express.

“Being back at home is the one place where Kate can truly relax,” a source said.

“She knows her mum will take good care of her and William can also rest assured that she’s in safe hands.”

Kate will spend the first six weeks after leaving hospital at her parent’s home and will not employ a maternity nurse.


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