Kate Middleton’s Baby’s Name Won’t be Revealed For a While

Monday, July 22, 2013

kate-middletonKATE Middleton and Prince William likely won’t reveal their baby’s name for quite some time.

The British royals welcomed their first child, a baby boy, at 4.24pm today. The baby weighs 8lbs 6oz.

The child will become third in the line of succession, displacing Prince Harry to fourth and the Duke of York to fifth.

But, sources say, the couple “may take some time” to select the moniker for their future monarch.

Now that she’s given birth, Kate’s mother is moving in!

Carole Middleton is expected to stay with the new parents and their royal baby at Kensington Palace for a few weeks, according to a new report.

“From what you see of Kate she’ll want her mother’s help more than anyone’s at first,” former royal bodyguard Ken Wharfe told the Sunday Mirror. “She won’t be forced to use nannies. But Carole won’t be encouraged to stay with her for long.

“After that Kate will probably use the royal nanny more and as the child grows up they will have two nannies, one main one and one relief nanny, like William and Harry had.

“The royal nannies are all highly experienced and there to offer any help and support with things like breast-feeding.”

Recent reports claimed Kate is stuck in the middle of a rivalry between her mom and Camilla Parker Bowles.

“Camilla and Carole have never liked each other, but the animosity between them has ramped up since Kate got pregnant,” a source said.

“Both think they have the greater right to be prime grandparent for the baby, and it’s led to gigantic fights – often in front of Kate!

“Camilla thinks Carole is tacky and common. She thinks that if Carole influences the baby it will end up picking up her terrible habits, like chewing gum at public events and being loud and pushy. Camilla is from the nobility herself and wants to teach the future ruler of England how to fit into that world, not Carole’s world of party-planning companies and grasping greed.

“The royal family is completely embarrassed by Carole’s behavior. She started demanding that everything be gratis the minute Kate started dating Prince William. She would call up the salon she went to at the time and say, ‘Since my Kate is dating William, I wouldn’t mind a little royal treatment’.

“Carole is pushing her other daughter, Pippa, to marry nobility as well. She’s like the British version of Kris Jenner! The royals only tolerate her for Kate’s sake.

“Carole is well aware of Camilla’s snobbery toward her but says she finds it rich that Camilla, who cheated on her husband with Prince Charles, thinks she would be a good role model. After all, this baby will be the grandchild of Princess Diana – the woman whose marriage and family Camilla destroyed. Carole says Camilla isn’t even a blood relative to the baby and needs to back off.”[imagebrowser id=1098]


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  • marie
  • Elmo

    I would agree with Carole, especially on that last paragraph. Camilla has no right to the baby.

    CONGRAGULATIONS WILL AND KATE!!! Just saw them bring the little thing outside-SO CUTE!!! Diana would be so proud and happy! Absolutely mind blowing that the tiny baby Diana carried out onto those steps all those years ago is the Same person as the man who just now carried this new guy- IN THE EXACT SAME SPOT!!! Think about that for a minute. HAS YOUR MIND EXPLODED YET??? Will, Kate, if you’re out there, Harry got pushed out of the line for the throne, pretty much. I know he’s technically 4th now, but it’s pretty safe to assume that the succession will continue down the heritage of the new one’s descendants. He’ll probably have a kid, and they’ll probably have a kid, and so on. Harry will be a king’s uncle but never a king himself. But if by some tragedy the baby doesn’t live(god forbid) Harry will be in line behind you again, William. And if some sort of bomb takes out the queen, Charles, You and Kate, and the baby all at once somehow, Harry will be king right away. Listen, I like Harry. He’s a good guy, despite the recent mistakes he made. All that being said means I don’t have any reason to believe that he would orchestrate something like that, but still, for your own sake, and for that of the new future monarch…be careful, ok?