Randy Travis: Drug Use Runs in His Family?

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Randy TravisRANDY Travis‘ nearest and dearest are deep into drugs.

According to American tabloid the National Enquirer, Randy’s congestive heart failure and devastating stroke was partly caused by amphetamine abuse, and for years he’s been surrounded by people who’ve been busted for drugs.

“Speed is a big problem with Randy’s family,” a source said.

Ran­dy’s live-in lover, Mary Beougher, also has a major bust for speed on her record.

Mary pleaded guilty in 2003 to us­ing a forged prescription to obtain phentermine, a form of synthetic speed.

Randy had been pop­ping amphetamines before the early July medical crisis that insiders fear destroyed part of his brain.

“He was drinking heavily and tak­ing speed to help get through his performances without passing out on stage,” said a source.

Randy’s father Harold blames Mary: “Mary got him drinking and drugging again. When he was with Lib, he was clean and sober for 19 years. Mary destroyed my son’s life.”