Robert Pattinson Calms Down Angry Neighbor

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

70th Annual Golden Globe Awards - ArrivalsROBERT Pattinson can calm down an enraged neighbor!

The actor was at a noisy pool party at a swanky Hollywood Hills mansion when a 50-something woman stormed over and screamed, “The yelling and loud music HAS TO STOP – or I’m calling the police!”

But then she saw Rob — and changed her attitude!

“She stood there sort of shaking her fists…until she saw Rob sitting in a Jacuzzi — and her jaw dropped when her stood up until the water line barely covered his pelvis. It was SO obvious he had no bathing suit on!” a source said.

Rob apologized profusely for interrupting the lady’s beauty sleep.

“That did it – she looked like she was about to faint” said the source.

“She sat and immediately started billing and cooing about Rob’s work on the Twilight movies and his relationship with Kristen Stewart. She forgot all about the loud music – until about twenty minutes later, when her husband came barreling onto the property, demanding they shut down the noise immediately!”

Meanwhile, sources say Rob s dreading the next time he’ll see Kristen.

“He’s bracing himself to run into her in some capacity,” a source told HollywoodLife.

“They are in the same social circles, they like the same music, he’s just hoping they can both be adults and it won’t hurt too much.”


  • @fearlessmore

    you always write just bullshit

  • Arkansas

    This sounds so made up, but if it were true, the lady should have crawled into the hot tub with him to let him explain why the music had to be loud! LOL

  • Bonus

    I love this fanfic. Tell it again.

  • hope and pray

    Poor Rob must be tired out romancing ALL the women at once!!!!!!! And one HELL OF A MAN!

  • goldenchild

    o was he naked whilst talking ? bwaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh

  • jeini

    Yeah! I would have crawled in with him, but we wouldn’t have to do much talking!!!!!

  • Rita Steele

    this man must be worn out when does he have time to make movies