Macaulay Culkin Has a New Girlfriend?

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Saturday, August 3, 2013

Macaulay CulkinMACAULAY Culkin has a new girlfriend.

The actor, 32, shares his SoHo loft with rocker Jordana “Binki” Shapiro, who was previously involved with a friend of Mac’s and remains super-close to him.

Culkin’s friends fear the relationship will cause the troubled actor more heartache and send him off the deep end.

“Binki used to date Mac’s good pal Adam Green of the band The Moldy Peaches,” said a close pal.

“She and Adam have formed a group, and things have gotten complicated because Mac wants to join it as a backup singer.

“Mac wants to start a new career as a singer and has been taking lessons.

“But he can’t hold a note. He’s not good enough to perform professionally, and both Adam and Binki know it.

“Mac got into a huge argument with Binki and Adam. He screamed at them, ‘I’m a damn good singer! I’ve been taking lessons for almost two years!’

“Binki fears that being rejected as a backup singer could make Mac turn to hard drugs once again.”

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