Gerard Butler Cheating on Girlfriend?

Friday, August 9, 2013

Novak Djokovic Foundation 2013 Gala Dinner - ArrivalsGERARD Butler is reportedly cheating on his girlfriend!

The actor — who’s currently dating model Madalina Ghenea — was caught red-handed by photographers partying with a mystery brunette at London’s Le Baron club on July 26.

Sources say Madalina — who was home in Italy at the time of the alleged tryst — tried to reach her beau several times by phone but got no answer.

While getting in to a cab around 5 am to head back to his hotel, Gerard had the driver circle back to pick up the brunette, who hopped in the backseat and tried to hide on the floor.

“Gerry was obviously trying to smuggle her back to his hotel,” a source said.

“Apparently he still suffers from a wandering eye.”


  • Anita Miller

    Are you even surprised by this? Please, find something else to write about. This is just so old anymore.

  • GerrysGirl

    A wondering eye or a WANDERING eye? And if the reference is true in the article and she’s the girlfriend and not the fiance or the wife then BFD!!!

  • Mollie Brown

    I never thought he was taking this woman to a hotel. The word is wandering, not wondering, by the way. I think she was drunk, and he was giving her a ride, or she is someone he knows and he was helping her out. She is not his type at all, nor does he ever expect any woman to hide on the floor. He just does not care if he is seen with another woman. Then not long after, he and Madalina were together in London. Seems no big deal, but this was the opportunity to make something out of nothing. Butler is no longer the ultimate womanizer, but women do throw themselves at him, sometimes in groups. Kind of sad to see. Clooney keeps them two years, then dumps them. Something wrong with that! Lets not even talk about DiCaprio, who keeps his Victoria’s Secret catalog on hand and goes to a new page every six months.

  • Charrie

    He isn’t cheating as he isn’t in a relationship. He has said he is single.

  • Child Boo!!!

    Please!!!@Mollie Brown…He is Cheating! are you PR for his so call wanna be girlfriend. He does not even Mention her ANYMORE! everything in the media is all MG did this, she say that. all desperate move for her to stay in the media. it’s was over! a ride! are you kidding! it;s over for Maddie! unless he says it’s not from his mouth NOT hers. And I’m not hating on her. it just so obvious what she is doing. most people want their business private. but not her, I just want him to say something, he could learn from Robert de niro,date who YOU WANT and just be happy GB, and stop letting your PR team fix up on match making. Bean ACTOR not Mr. HOLLYWOOD! it’s draining him. and he looks tired all the time.

  • Rachel

    The woman is actually his stylist so he’s not cheating. Madalina is the cheater in the relationship given that she’s been hooking up with an ex boyfriend for months and spotted dancing in clubs.