Brad Pitt Not Clever Enough For The Museum of Contemporary Art?

Thursday, August 15, 2013

"World War Z" Germany Premiere - ArrivalsBRAD Pitt wants to serve on the board of L.A’s Museum of Contemporary Art — but he doesn’t stand a chance!

Sources say the actor made an ambitious play for the MOC position, but he isn’t considered clever enough,

“Brad’s always been a huge supporter of the museum, and it’s undergoing a management shakeup,” said a source.

“So he had someone feel out members of the selection committee to see if they’d be interested in him participating at a higher level.

“While they admire Brad’s ambition, I think the fear is that Brad might be a little on the dumb side to serve on an art board He doesn’t even have a college degree.

“Brad has a huge art collection that’s worth well over $2 million, said a second source.

“He’s been collecting pieces for years and studying up on the old masters.

“But just because he can buy art does not mean he can curate it. Good looks and fame are simply not enough to run a huge museum like the MOCA.”


  • Anonymous

    LACMA’s loss!!! I wonder if they would turn down Bill Gates. He didn’t even bother finisihin any college courses right? Seems kind of self-destructive too since Pitt has been instrumental in supporting the museum through some really tough times and he has proved what an astute artist and businessman he is. And SUPER icky whoever “leaked” this non-story too. IMO the last thing Brad Pitt is dumb. If he had graduated college he might still be stuck selling classifieds for the Missouri press.

  • Plumbar

    Board members are not curators. These “sources” are the dummies.

  • allen

    Whoever wrote this has no clue. Certainly no clue as to the role of a museum trustee (board member). The board doesn’t either curate shows or actually run a museum. That’s why a museum has curators and a director. Input on direction sure, but fund raising yes and the writer doesn’t even mention that.

  • Kittyhawk

    The morons here are the showbizspys. You have no idea what you are talking about.

  • refusalon SF

    I would donate art to the museum when Brad is on board..
    refusalon SF

  • M A Allen

    The writer of this article is clueless. I’m sure Brad’s intelligence played zero part in the decision on MOCA’s part. The turmoil at MOCA is partially about Jeffery Deitch, who recently resigned as director of the museum. MOCA had four prominent artists serving on the board who all left in protest of how things were being handled at the museum. Jeffery had an upcoming show in the works that was based on disco and entertainment. Artists, board members, et al were furious that leading institution of contemporary art was being led down the path of celebrity and show biz. My guess is even though Brad is very talented, generous, a great supporter of the arts, and yes, smart as well, his timing is probably not great with this particular museum at this time due to the aforementioned. MOCA actually probably very much appreciated his generous offer of time considering he is very busy and he would of been keenly able to raise needed money for MOCA.

  • Richard

    Just goes to show that ‘education’ makes you stupid. A bunch of people sitting around a table, who decides on whether a certain work is ‘art’ or whether they should hire another person to decide the same thing, all the time not realizing that ‘everything’ is art can only be described as, well, stupid.

  • this_stinks

    WTF is this BS?? I agree with all the other commenters and will add — AS IF the geniuses currently on the MOCA board have been running it sooooo brilliantly for the last several years!!