Elisabeth Hasselbeck Furious With Bar­bara Walters

Friday, August 16, 2013

Elisabeth Hasselbeck ELISABETH Hasselbeck is not a happy woman.

The former TV star is said to be furious about the lackluster farewell she got on her last day on The View.

Hasselbeck’s boss Bar­bara Walters only gave her a scant few minutes to say her goodbyes on July 10, and she didn’t even invite her back for Joy Behar’s hour-long goodbye bash on Aug. 9.

“Elisabeth is fuming over this latest snub from Barbara,” said a source. “It’s no secret that po­litically conservative Elisabeth wasn’t afraid to publicly stand up to Barbara’s liberal points of view.

“That’s grated on Barbara’s nerves and obviously reached a boiling point this past year.

“Now Elisabeth feels the very minor going-away tribute giv­en to her, versus the spectacle bestowed upon Barbara’s good friend Joy, was just another public dig to embarrass her.

“Elisabeth is no dummy. She saw the writing on the wall and quickly got another job at FOX News before Barbara had the chance to fire her.”

Barbra didn’t like Elisabeth beating her to the punch and her to the punch and retaliated by black­listing her from any future appearances on the show.

“Elisabeth outsmarted Barbara, and Barbara couldn’t stand it,” added the source. “As far as Barbara is concerned, Elisabeth’s last day on the show was her last day ever.”



  • Betteroff

    Good she left that show sucks!

  • Anonymous

    She better not be no dummy and come out quick as a conservative. Some of the stuff that happened since she came out for McCain on the View ruined her credibility as a conservative. I hope it is not a game for her. One day appeasing ABC to keep her job and next going to Fox News. I messed about who she was. She started attacking conservatives and saying some real goofy stuff. I didn’t care till now. I shouldn’t care, but something is not right with Fox News adding her and moving Megyn kelly to prime time. The more I think about it Anna Kooiman should do Fox and Friends weekdays and Andrea Tantaros should have moved to prime time.

  • Joanne

    How Elisabeth ever put up with the crude hateful antics of Joy is beyond me. Barbara’s tunnel vision and failure to even appear fair has ruined her legacy forever to me. Best of luck Elisabeth!

  • Elizabeth

    Oh happy days….she’s finally gone and I can start to watch the view again.

  • San Dee

    Hallelujah! Elizabeth’s point of view wasn’t the problem, it was her delivery that was so annoying. Maybe I’ll start watching again.

  • Jerry

    Who said she was smart. Barbra does not owe her anything. Stop crying dumb ass. You think your great. YOUR NOT

  • Dave

    Lizzy is just another monkey see monkey do blue meanie conservative whos had it good all her life and is spoiled rotten. Let her practice her bitchcraft on FOX I don’t watch that garbage channel anyway.

  • Candace

    Joy was on the show for many more years than Elizabeth and she’s funny. Much more material for a farewell show

  • Anonymous

    I was hoping Elizabeth would get a nice farewell. Too bad that didn’t happen

  • Penny

    Elisabeth has way too much class and brains for The View. And they never did treat her well.

    • Anonymous

      To much class? lmao. She’s a hateful pig . Belongs @fox with the rest of the haters

  • Whatever

    What a joke!!! Now the View can be totally liberal along with Barbara!
    I thought they wanted every point of “View”?? Or is that title a joke!

  • Whatever

    What a joke!! I thought the show was called the View for a reason!!
    Obviously, they did not like the “View” Elizabeth had!
    They don’t like anyone’s view but their own!
    Hope the show is cancelled

  • Black Guy

    Thank goodness she left that horrible show. I hope the view loses more ratings and gets cancelled. What a joke…

  • Dawn G

    The view lost the only sane person on the show, Barbra needs to retire

  • Anonymous

    I’m wondering how Elizabeth is going to handle being on FOX. Yes, her views were challenged on the View. Yes, she defended her positions and did it well. BUT I also noticed her own views moderated over the years. I also noticed a distinct dedication to the Truth, no matter who it supported. I always thought that came from being exposed to Barbara’s Journalistic standards.
    Now, she’s going to be on a network where the Propaganda is much more important than the facts.

    Can / Will she step back from fact and embrace crapola?

    Interesting dilemma. I’ll be curious to see where she goes.

  • Guzz buzz

    Elisabeth thought she was better then them all put together!!! It’s about time she left !! All I can remember was when they had hot topics about spouses cheating, of course she chimed in and said HOW TIM IS A GREAT DAD, HUSBAND, he would never cheat !! Umm Elisabeth , maybe not , but u never know!!! She was a wanna b Joy, Whoopi, andd Barbara, and especially MS SHERRI SHEPARD!!! Sorry girlfriend it’ won’t b long b4 FOX GETS FED UP WITH UR BS, MY FAMILY IS ALL THAT !!!

  • Jamie

    Somethng anyone with a brain knows at thsis point about The VIEW has only ONE View its a Libertard One.