Mark Wahlberg Doesn’t Approve of Brother’s Romance With Jenny McCarthy

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Friday, August 16, 2013

"2 Guns" New York City Premiere - ArrivalsMARK Wahlberg is at war with his brother Donnie.

The pair are said to be locking horns over Donnie’s romance with Jenny McCarthy.

Sources say Mark — a reformed bad boy who’s now a de­vout Catholic and devoted family man — is trying to convince his older brother that Jenny’s nothing but bad news.

Jenny is well-known for posing nude for Playboy, using obscene language and writing books about sex. She even penned a best-seller questioning Ca­tholicism.

“When Mark learned Donnie was spending time with Jenny he quickly dismissed it as a fling,” a source said.

“But now that they’re spending a lot of time together and seriously dating, Mark has let Donnie know that he doesn’t approve of the relationship.

“Mark has settled down and become a family man, and he’s constantly nagging happy-go-lucky Donnie to do the same.

“But Donnie couldn’t be happier with his life, especially now that Jenny is in it. And he has no inten­tion of changing the way he lives just because Mark doesn’t like it.

“He’s fed up with listening to Mark preach about what a bad influence Jenny is. Now whenever Mark starts in, Donnie reminds him that he’s made a fortune on the big screen playing roles like a drug dealer or a porn star, so he’s in no position to judge anyone.”

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  • Ni

    Really! Mark Wahlberg is a HYPOCRITE. Here are some of his wife.

  • Maria

    I am so upset with this article . This is a person who made a film about pulling his ^&% out and having sex. He is not an A LIST actor. Proof is in the money each film makes. Donnie is a way better actor. As for Jenny’s questioning Catholicism, he should know that it is insulting to GOD to throw a bible around like a piece of toilet paper in which he was a part in his movie “TED”. Unfortunately, the naked pictures of his wife did not post. I am truly sorry I ever followed his acting career. The movie “The Happening” was not happening. The movie “Broken City” was just that, BROKEN. Pain and Gain was painful. It was not funny at all. Mark, after you 9/11 comment, I started to notice a pattern with you. Please do us a favor, go away or be quiet.

    • Bitch

      Fine you do the same thing maria. Be quiet or go away. Got it loser?

  • Jazz

    I like Mark Wahlberg and I think he may be right be he need to trust his brother to make the right decision or to do was best for his life Donnie Is a smart man and he knows what he’s doing Jenny may be what he needs right now in his life.

  • Joy Timmons

    I love and like them both, but why Mark cares about who his brother, Donnie date’s, as long Donnie and his girlfriend, Jenny treat each other right, why does Mark need to worry about. Mark has a wife and children and need to focus on his family and not Donnie’s. Donnie is a grown man, he can make his own decisions. If Jenny is no good for Donnie, he can get break up with her own his own terms. See I am not sure the media is telling the true. Even, if it is true, it is no one’s business. That is what I hate about families. That is why I never telling my parents that I hate who I am dating, marrying and having children because it is none of their business. That is why I hate negative people and not around that much.

  • Devin McMusters

    Jenny McCarthy is just bat-shot crazy.

  • Sweetnyss

    Joy, when you have family that your close to and don’t want to see hurt, you open your mouth. Just letting them run through life with their pants unzipped dating a loon, etc… Mark’s concerned about his brother and that’s endearing. He obviously loves him. Donnie’s a grown man but even grown men are stupid, especially over women. And Mark’s Catholic, they’re allowed to do anything they want minus take birth control. He’s concerned when Jenny’s been married and divorced to guys like Jim Carrey, they have a screw loose.

  • Sweetnyss

    Btw Bi, everyone in this world’s a hypocrite about something. You might as well call him human.

  • Jacci Richard

    Why would anyone believe something written in a tabloid ? Don’t believe everything you read people !