Kate Middleton Has no Friends?

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Kate MiddletonKATE Middleton is feeling lonely!

The British beauty — who recently welcomed her first child with husband Prince William — doesn’t have any mom friends.

“She had to give up so many of her friends when she married William,” a source said.

“Kate just tells them that, because of royal protocol, making friends is easier said than done.”

Meanwhile, William doesn’t know what to do with himself while Kate takes on the brunt of the childrearing — so has left her in Bucklebury while he returned to Wales.

“It’s all a bit too loved-up for him,” a source said.

“He was thrilled to play first-time dad, but now he’s content to leave it to the ladies. He’s learned how to change a diaper, but like any action man, William is starting to feel he’s more use to the military.

“Kate feels alone… she sometimes cries, partly out of joy, because she’s bonding with George, but also out of loneliness.

“She feels overwhelmed. She is yearning for William. Not only does she not get to see him, but she barely hears from him because he’s so busy.”



  • Anonymous

    That’s not true. Kate has several ‘mom’ friends including her best friend, Catriona ‘Trini’ Foyle (nee Lough), wife of Ted Foyle. Just last November Kate,Trini, and Lupo were photographed walking together in Kensington Park with Trini’s (at the time) almost one year old son, Alexander. Kate is also close friends with Rose Van Cutsem (nee Astor) wife of Hugh Van Cutsem. Rose has three little ones: Grace, five, Rafe, four, and 18-month-old Charlie. Kate has at least two other close friends who became new moms within the past two years. Why not just google the real information instead of making up some soppy story?

  • ImOld Greg

    Who the heck is “the source”? What a bunch of rubbish! Why do they even print such dribble?

  • http://laurele.livejournal.com laurele

    She’s no “beauty.” Please stop repeating this lie! The reason she has no friends is because she is a catty, vindictive, selfish biyatch. You can find characters like her on every soap opera.