Lisa Marie Presley Hates Alex Pettyfer

Friday, August 23, 2013

NARM Artist of the Year Awards at the Music Biz 2012 Awards Dinner - ArrivalsLISA Marie Presley is putting her foot down when it comes to her daughter’s love life.

Lisa is pleading with Riley Keough to pull the plug on her rekindled romance with ex-fiance Alex Pettyfer.

“Lisa Marie is furious!” a source said. “She worked hard to convince Riley that Alex was not a good match for her, and Lisa Marie finally got her way when they broke up last year.”

Riley and Alex met when they co-starred in the male stripper movie Magic Mike, and they got engaged in March 2012 after a six-month romance.

But Lisa Marie advised Riley not to marry the actor, as she feared the 23-year-old just wanted a chunk of the estimated $300 million Presley family fortune.

“Riley just wasn’t happy playing the field,” added the source. “She stayed in touch with Alex, but she did her best to keep it from her mom.

“There’s something about Alex that she doesn’t quite trust. She’s going to do everything she can to steer Riley away from him!”


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  • Chris

    First of all, you just copied and pasted this whole article from The National Enquirer. Think about that: YOU ARE PLAGIARIZING THE NATIONAL ENQUIRER! Talk about low. Secondly, everything about this article is made-up bull hockey. 1) Alex and Riley have not “rekindled their romance” because they never broke up. 2) Lisa Marie is on record as saying that not only are stories that she dislikes Pettyfer untrue, but “quite the opposite.” 3) Alex is from a wealthy family himself, so suggesting that he is some kind of gold digger is ridiculous. 4) If is Riley trying to “keep it from her mom” she might consider not posting pictures of him on her Instagram account.

  • Jones

    Accusations are very dangerous !

  • Camille

    She is awful! She hurts own daughter! Alex is a good man!