Kevin Costner: Miserable on Movie Set

Monday, August 26, 2013

70th Annual Golden Globe Awards - ArrivalsKEVIN Costner is a miserable man!

The actor has been driving co-workers on the set of his new movie, Draft Day, crazy with nasty temper tantrums!

“Kevin kept blowing his stack at cameramen, boom hangers and crew people who moved while he was delivering his lines,” a source said.

“You couldn’t move an inch while he was on camera or he’d get distracted and blow up!

“If he heard the click of a camera, or saw the microphone swaying above him, he’d abruptly stop the shoot, yell at the person – then demand a retake!”

During a break, Costner was overheard asking costar Sam Elliot, “Doesn’t it drive you crazy when people are moving – and the mic’s dangling right over your head?”

Elliott said, “No, not at all. It comes with the job.”


  • Rmenin

    Obviously fake. This doesn’t sound remotely true, And Costner finished with Draft Day months ago, and in fact has already finished filming his next film. Yet this presents this “story” as if filming on Draft Day is still underway. I call utter BS on this one.

    • Elmo

      The media is like that. Welcome to America.

  • Kaytiekay

    Here is a scene, from recently wrapped up Black & White, starting quietly, but after a while, the mic is meddling and co-workers are making a lot of noise and an FAN (extra) is interrupting a scene that has to be cut (at the the end of the take). This might tell us that while Kevin Costner is doing his job well, the journalist “Adam” is not. LINK;

    • twingals

      Thank you for that! He is always great with the fans and little ones, seen it in real life:)