Miranda Lambert Wants Blake Shelton in Rehab

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Blake Shelton and Miranda LambertMIRANDA Lambert is putting her foot down.

According to American tabloid the National Enquirer, the country star has ordered husband Blake Shelton into rehab — as she fears for the marriage unless the “Voice” coach sobers up.

“Blake wants to be the life of everyone’s party, but it’s taking a toll on him,” a source said.

“Miranda is not only afraid for Blake’s health, she’s just as scared that when he’s hitting the sauce someday he’ll stray, or have an accident.

“She doesn’t see him living long like this, and she’s demanding that Blake get help.

“Being the town drunk is Blake’s schtick.

“It’s like he wants to be seen as a throwback to country music’s hard-drinking renegades like Hank Williams Sr. and George Jones. But he’s become a victim of his own image.”

Miranda is also on tour, and sources say the 29-year-old Grammy winner is becoming increasingly alarmed about her husband’s boozing.

“Blake sloughs Miranda off, saying, ‘It’s just show business, and I’m drinking because I miss you, honey,’ ” revealed the source.

“Miranda has pointed out to Blake that Tim’s fans didn’t abandon him or think he was a wimp when he got sober,” said the friend. “At this point, Miranda realizes a trip to rehab is a must for Blake, and she’s trying to get his head right with it. If anything, I think Blake fears how going to rehab would look to his fans. He says 12-step programs are for sissies.

“Miranda is at the asking stage right now. But there will come a time when it turns into an ultimatum. She’s afraid Blake is killing himself – and their marriage – with his boozing.”[imagebrowser id=1241]



  • Sherri Pharis Treece

    Well, as soon as I read National Enquirer, I knew to take this article with a grain of salt when it comes to the truth.