Khloe Kardashian Banned Lamar Odom From Katy Perry Party

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Khloe Kardashian Odom Celebrates The launch Of The Glam Louder Program And Bling It On! Contest For HPNOTIQ liqueurKHLOE Kardashian banned husband Lamar Odom from attending a Labor Day party at her friend Katy Perry‘s house.

The reality star stopped her troubled partner from attending the fiesta because she did not want him to be in a party atmosphere surrounded by alcohol, HollywoodLife reports.

Khloe, 29, is looking out for Lamar, 33, now more than ever after his recent DUI arrest.

“Khloe didn’t want him in that environment,” a source said.

”He just got in trouble for drinking and driving so being at a party where everyone’s drinking and having a good time isn’t the type of place he needs to be, and Khloe knows that.

“That’s one of the ways she’s trying to help him out — by limiting the temptations. She knows Lamar could have a few drinks and that will lead to something else so it’s best to avoid it all at once.”

Khloe seemed happy as she smiled and posed for pictures with friends at the party.

“You would never guess what Khloe was going through,” another source said. “She was definitely putting on a very brave face. For a reality star, she’s a great actress because she was smiling and laughing a lot and seemed totally fine — she was having fun.”

Meanwhile, Lamar has gone missing yet again.

“He’s alive,” the source said. “He’s laying low. He’s scared and nobody knows exactly where he’s staying these days. All he ever says is that he’s fine and by himself.

“He can’t drive so he can’t be too far away.

“Just hope he’s not doing bad things and with the wrong people. He needs help and he’s scared.”


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