John Edwards Hasn’t Placed Gravestone on Elizabeth’s Grave

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

John EdwardsJOHN Edwards has still not placed a proper gravestone on his wife Elizabeth‘s grave.

Elizabeth passed away at age 61 in December 2010. Her siblings can no longer wait for Edwards to act, so have com­missioned a marker by the same sculptor who created a large marble angel for the couple’s son Wade. He tragically perished in a 1996 car crash at age 16.

“Many people who went to put flowers on her grave were horri­fied to see she didn’t have a headstone,” a source told American tabloid the National Enquirer.

“Although Eliza­beth and John had separated, he was still married to her when she passed away, so her family was waiting for him to make sure she had a proper monu­ment.

“They were pa­tient, but when it was approaching the two-year mark, her siblings decided to chip in to make sure Elizabeth was treated with respect. They have asked sculptor Robert Mihaly to cre­ate a magnificent monument.

“Edwards is treating his wife in death the same way he treated her in life – shame­fully.”

During his marriage to Elizabeth, John secretly fathered a child with his mis­tress Rielle Hunter.