Kirstie Alley Hates Leah Remini!

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Kirstie AlleyKIRSTIE Alley doesn’t want to hear Leah Remini‘s name!

The actress apparently threatened to fire people for mentioning the Scientology defector’s name on the set of her new sitcom, Kirstie.

“Scientology fanatic Kirstie turned livid when she overheard two crew members talking about Leah’s bombshell defection from the Church — and how she’s writing a tell-all book that might bring it crashing down,” a source told American tabloid the National Enquirer.

“That’s when she absolutely exploded, raging, ‘I never want to hear that woman’s name on my set!’ The shocked guys stammered apologies, and they feared they’d be fired by day’s end.”



  • Minka

    If this is true, then I’m not surprised b/c Kirstie is a dried up old Hag insisting and relying on this shitty scientology crap. Give it up already girlfriend, don’t care if there’ s other life force on other planets, you know what part of this supposed religion is bull crap made up from LRH. It’s more of a cult money making scam and it’s dangerous. Since Kirstie supports something so dangerous whether she’s afraid to pull away or not, she’s nothing but a low life. Leah Remini is the Champ you biatche!!! LOL. Oh and I do believe that Tom Cruise, Giovanni Ribisi, John Travolta, Jason Lee are gay as anything and let’s not forget the leader of scientology, he seems to be very much into Miss Cruise.

    • Delores

      Do not care if any or all are gay. And Ms. Cruise left long ago. Likely with an agreement that if she does not speak, she will be left alone. Strong woman. Kristie needs a job. Ergo. She needs this organization. Simple as that.

  • Eddie R

    I think Kirstie Alley was in a bad mood for the mere fact that there were no Twinkies available on the set. Yep.

  • kickingit101

    Here is the “Secret” of Scientology it costs most people over 100,000 dollars to get to the level OT3 when they tell you this “Secret” Look up on Google who Xenu is. I would put it here but the Church of Conocology says that if you are not properly prepared for this information then you will contract Pneumonia and die. I would not want that on my conscience so I will let you do your own research. Quick note though. Hundreds of thousands of people have found out this information and they have yet to catch pneumonia and die from it. It is just yet another lie that L. Ron Hubbard told people.

    • Delores

      Your story sounds slightly far fetched. Hundreds of thousands? This organization sounds like a bunch of Hollywood wannabes who are simply looking for that big break. They are a fading population and honestly, anyone who, as an adult, became involved. Informed decision.

      • kickingit101

        Delores you do not have to believe me watch the videos for Jason Beghe as he tells how much money his lost to the church. Got to you tube and read Tone Magoo videos. You will them see that I am in no way far fetched.

  • Anonymous

    I wouldn’t have apologized. I would have said, “You can’t fire me, because I quit,” and then quoted LRon about Scn’y telling people to think for themselves.

    I’d feel sorry for Ms. Alley if she wasn’t such a spiteful has-been, who has been swallowed by her Criminal Cult.

    Leah rocks. And Kirstie isn’t fit to lick her boots.