Kate Middleton Hates Prince Harry’s Girlfriend

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

middletonKATE Middleton doesn’t like Prince Harry‘s new girlfriend.

Sources Kate hates Cressida Bonas because her half-sister Isabella Branson once dated Prince William.

“Cressida has said Kate is not keen on her relationship with Harry,” a source said.

“Cressie and Isabella could not be closer. Where she goes, Bella goes.

“Kate does not like Isabella because William loved her, and that caused their break-up. Bella’s treatment at the royal wedding won’t be forgotten.

“The way it’s looking now people close to Harry and Cressida predict an engagement by the end of the year and a spring wedding.

“Cressida is The One. He’s so close to her. All the tell-tale signs are there.

“People have heard Harry talking about how special Cress is and about getting engaged.”



  • Elmo

    Before anyone says anything, I am going to say this: the reason and backup info that the “sources” provide are stupid. This is bullshit.

  • lalala