Prince William and Kate Middleton Hire Nanny For Prince George

Thursday, September 12, 2013

middletonPRINCE William and Kate Middleton have hired a nanny to help them raise their newborn son, Prince George.

William’s former nanny, Jessie Webb, has been assisting at the royal couple’s home in north Wales and is now expected to join them when they head to Scotland to see Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip.

Webb, 71, is well known in royal circles for taking care of William more than 20 years ago and more recently for his cousin, Viscount Linley.

“She’ll be like a safe pair of hands. She knows the ropes and knows what happens,” Ingrid Seward, author of the upcoming book A Century of Royal Children, says of Webb. “That’s preferred rather than someone new to it all, someone who’d be terrified of it all.”

Meanwhile, Kate doesn’t like Prince Harry‘s new girlfriend.

Sources Kate hates Cressida Bonas because her half-sister Isabella Branson once dated William.

“Cressida has said Kate is not keen on her relationship with Harry,” a source said.

“Cressie and Isabella could not be closer. Where she goes, Bella goes.

“Kate does not like Isabella because William loved her, and that caused their break-up. Bella’s treatment at the royal wedding won’t be forgotten.

“The way it’s looking now people close to Harry and Cressida predict an engagement by the end of the year and a spring wedding.

“Cressida is The One. He’s so close to her. All the tell-tale signs are there.

“People have heard Harry talking about how special Cress is and about getting engaged.”