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Barack Obama Has Secret Breakdown?

Posted by Adam

201339BARACK Obama is in a bad place.

According to a bombshell new report from America’s Globe magazine, the American President suffered a secret meltdown after being outsmarted by Russia’s leader over the explosive Syrian situation.

“Barack suddenly found himself terrifyingly alone — with his popularity at an all-time low, his wife Michelle threatening to leave and former advisor Hillary Clinton refusing to help him out of the political mess,” a source said.

Meanwhile, Trump has vowed to crush to Donald Trump.

The American President is masterminding a $40 million lawsuit against the billionaire property mogul.

But Trump, who publicly questioned Obama’s place of birth and right his to be Commander-in-Chief, is fighting back.

“They’re in a bitter feud,” a source told America’s Globe magazine. “Donald is convinced Obama is behind a plan to bring him down.”


  • Anonymous

    “Oh Reggie, hold me tight. They are all being so mean to me.”

  • Anonymous

    “Meanwhile, Trump has vowed to crush to Donald Trump” ?!?

    • Elmo