Cory Monteith and Lea Michele: Was Their Relationship Fake?

Monday, September 23, 2013

[imagebrowser id=1269] LEA Michele‘s romance with tragic Cory Monteith was fake, and created purely to promote Glee — according to a bombshell new report.

Blind Gossip has alluded to the fact that Cory and Lea weren’t a real couple.

The pair were a couple onscreen on the hit TV show Glee — but their romance didn’t exist in real life, a report has alleged.

Cory died in July 2013 of a toxic combination of heroin and alcohol in a Vancouver hotel room.

As per BG:

Ah, faux couples. A male and female actor who star together in a television series or a film or film series, and then fake a relationship outside of the project for the publicity.

Their fans and “shippers” really want to believe that the relationships are real, give them cute nicknames (e.g.”Robsten”), write fan fiction about them, and dream about them getting married and living happily ever after.

Then we come in and tell you the truth.

This blind item is going to hurt more than most for many reasons: Because this television show is still on the air. Because the show’s fans are very passionate (and a little crazy). Because they want to believe that an on-screen relationship became on off-screen relationship. Because one half of the couple supported the other half when they were going through a personal crisis. And, finally, because half of the couple isn’t here anymore.

Yes, she is sad that he is gone. But not “girlfriend” sad. She is “friend” sad.

This couple was fake. The two actors were friends and liked each other, but the boyfriend/girlfriend relationship on air was purely imaginary and did not happen off air.

Actually, they didn’t even spend a lot of time together when they weren’t working or getting together for photo ops. Her friends are very different from his friends, and her off-screen life was very different from his off-screen life.

Vacation photo ops were staged. They each brought their own friends, stayed in separate rooms and simply got together for photos.

Remember that “romantic” ski trip they took together? They would take the ski lift up together, and do a photo op on the top of the mountain. He would later show off those photos on a talk show to “prove” that they were a couple.

The truth is that after the photos were taken, he would go snowboard and party with his friends and pick up random girls at night.

Yes, he was into girls, even if his fake girlfriend was not one of them. In fact, there were a lot of girls in the past few years, although no one special. He never was much for relationships. He preferred to hang with his friends, pick up a girl for a night or two of fun, and keep things very casual.

Sometimes you would see his fake girlfriend driving “his” car. Well, he did own a car, but she wasn’t allowed to drive it. The car that she drove wasn’t his car. It was a car that the network leased so it would look like she drove his car.

And despite what she says, they were never going to move in together. They were going to fake it. She had her house, and the network leased a nearby apartment for him. They were just going to stage regular photo ops to look like they lived in the same house until they broke up. That’s it.

Yes, there was going to be a “breakup”. It was going to happen after the show was off the air. The two of them were prepared to go the distance with the fake relationship for as long as the show was in production.

Now that he is gone, she can’t admit that they weren’t boyfriend and girlfriend, or that everything was staged, or that they were never going to move in together or get married. It would make her look really fake and really bad. No, she is now stuck with that lie forever.

One last point. It’s about that very public tribute that you’ll see soon. There are many actors with a broader and more critically acclaimed body of work who deserve a public tribute much, much more. However, those actors don’t have the large and young fan base for which the networks live and die. And they don’t have a fake and famous girlfriend in the audience to tearfully clutch a necklace and pretend that she just lost the great love of her life.



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  • xx

    Blind Gossip doesn’t allow comment who don’t agree with the things they say, and in which there are facts, true facts that their relationship was true.

    Btw. Really? Two years in a fake relationship?And does that site have any sources? NO.

    • marie

      yeah… I’m laughing so hard!!! LMFAO, ok.

  • guest

    I don`t believe that rumor for a second. They were always together and seemed so very much in love. I know fake relationships exist in Hollywood (hello, Robert and Kristen), but this one was the real deal. People act like you can’t fall in love after years of friendship, but those are often the best relationships. Too many insiders have confirmed their relationship, and ,as if that wasn’t enough proof, Lea went to Canada after his death and privately viewed his body. It was just her, his mother, and his brother. I don’t think, at that time, his family would have allowed a PR stunt to take precedence over the pain they were feeling. Those that don’t believe really need to get a clue. I almost wish it was PR. It might not seem quite so sad then.

  • Katie Brumskill

    This is just a bunch of lies they were engaged who would Be in a fake relationship for 2 years and then get married to keep up the lie

    • Sarah G

      They weren’t engaged.

  • nicole

    Why would anyone go to all the trouble of going through a fake relationship for two years just to promote an all ready hugely popular tv show seems like a lot of hard work and i dont think corys family would arrange a private viewing of his body for a fake girlfriend this story is disgusting .

    • Anonymous

      he was gay

      • sp

        no he wasn’t stop being a jerk

      • Dwarf

        You’re Gay.
        He wasn’t gay and Cory loved Lea more than his own Life.
        Monchele was Real!

      • Anonymous

        oh man my feelings are so hurt. He was gay.

      • Cory Lover

        YOU ARE GAY!

      • MsLucreziaSarfati

        No, you’re not gay. You’re idiot, maybe wrong.

    • Angie

      These things happen all the time. Glee is not a hugely popular show anymore. I still love it, but the ratings have gone way, way down. Fake relationships are stupid, IMHO, but Hollywood still thinks they are necessary. It’s very true, however, that Cory and Lea were very good friends and she truly does mourns him.

  • Anonymous

    It wouldn’t surprise me, I always thought he was gay. AND my gaydar is usually correct 120% of the time.

    • Me

      Well your gaydar is wrong this time, Cory isn’t gay!

      • Anonymous

        DId you ask him from the grave? okay then your guess is as good as mine.

    • HT

      dumbass even the lairs at blind item said he wasn’t gay when they made up this bullshit rumor.

      • Anonymous

        oh well since, blind item said so… haha.
        are you a joke?

  • lily

    Cory wasn´t gay… lea is gay

    • lily so wrong

      so stupid, people get more ignorant everyday.

  • Falco

    What a crock of bs. Let him rest in peace and let her grieve the loss of someone she loved very much. Just move on with your fake stories.

  • Me

    Seriously what a rubbish story, how can you be so disrespectful to 2 people you don’t know, but the reason for this story is made clear on the final 2 lines, someone was upset that Cory got the Emmy tribute! Quite a bit of a story just to say he didn’t deserve the tribute ain’t it trying to do anything that makes him look like a terrible person!

  • fuck you

    what the fuck is wrong with you,sorry but no one can fake the way they looked each other,sorry but they weren’t fake

  • Sharon

    Cory isn’t gay , god leave him alone he died for gods sake! And im disgusted by this article. How dares someone to write this omg!! Monchele ( Lea+ Cory ) was 100% real , the smile Lea had on her face whenever she was with him.. How her eyes had this spark whenever she was with him, which is now gone.. The way he looked at her .. The way he complimented her always.. That was something you cant fake. And Cory his mom wouldn’t for sure let Lea view his body at his cremation. If it was fake his mom wouldnt even do that. Also they weren’t engaged, Cory would probably propose to her tho at her bday..if u see recent pics of lea , you see that she fake smiled now. A lot. Couple of shots are even her crying. So don’t tell me it wasn’t real. Don’t. Its pathetic to think that.

    • use real stuff

      You aren’t helping by over romanticizing the relationship and talking abut how you can tell by pictures how they felt. You have real evidence to use so use, not that you see a sparkle in her eye or not. Use evidence like all the twit sightings of them together with fan while they were out in private with no press coverage or how people reference them as a couples without being prompted.

      • guest

        Well, where is the evidence in this whole article then? Where are the sources they got the information from? They “assumed” that Glee did this to promote the TV show, and made this whole article sounded like an anti-fanfiction.

        And you know what’s bullcrap about this article? They deliberately posted it after Cory’s death in order to be disrespectful. If this whole fake relationship thing was true, the whole world would’ve known beforehand, bro.

  • kim


  • Laura

    Aw man lol!!!! I suspected they weren’t dating because of the way they acted towards one another. Yes, at times they acted like a lovey dovey couple but sometimes they didnt really act ike they were together. It all seemed staged to me and if it is true then its sad because Lea does have to live with that lie FOREVER!! :/

  • S

    I am rolling my eyes SO unbelievably hard right now. Yeah, there are fake relationships in Hollywood. Anyone remember when Dianna Agron dated that Alex fellow she was in a movie with? Yeah. THAT is a staged relationship. If you genuinely think the love Cory and Lea had for each other was fake, you’re either incredibly cynical, in denial because you want one or both to be gay (ahem .. people who want Dianna and Lea to date), or both. You think Fox or Glee have the money hanging around to just send these two off to God-knows-where all the time? Yeah, they’re loaded, but they’re not that loaded, nor do they freaking care enough. Glee is a hit show whether these two were together or not, and truthfully, that’s some damn bad PR if it was in fact a PR sham, because they were hardly photographed as much as other PR couples are, they were so quiet about their relationship for almost a year (what the heck are you promoting when you’re not .. promoting?? want promotion? see: naya rivera and big sean.) and I’m pretty sure Lea’s parents have better things to do than pretend that their daughter is dating some dude and to play along with it on trips to Hawaii and nights out for dinner. Whatever man, people who refuse to believe their relationship are going to keep refusing to believe no matter what, but I think it’s equal parts hilarious and incredibly disrespectful that anyone would make this crap at a time like this.

  • stupid rumor

    Let me answer you question. NO.

  • roxie

    She wasn’t at his close close family and friends memorial & it’s just a rumor she was there before his mom cremated his body. He was discovered by a very well known Homoerotic horror indie director and had many trysts with men and women. Cory was very Q friendly like many fellow Canadians. Why does this fandom have a hard time admitting he was quite sex positive too? This is the same fandom so shocked that he was dry drunking/not in consistent therapy/recovery and died of heavy addiction. Good colleagues they were.

  • Danielle de Holanda

    the idea and arguing and getting many hits!! actually it comes out with several girls and bought all paparazzes!! laughing matter that much!!

  • kimberly

    Cory wasn’t gay, ok? But this couple was fake, everbody knows. RIP CORY <3

  • jay

    This article is not true. It’s just rumour. Although there are some things mentioned here that are.

  • emily

    lol the achele fans made this up at sent it to blind gossip

  • maggie

    blind gossip is the same people that said Chord was the one who knocked Heather Morris up LOL at anyone who takes them seriously

  • Nick

    I don´t want to believe this, but at the sametime it makes me think of the old Hollywood and how they did the fake relationship thing for publicity and promoting movies. I mean anyone ever watch singing in the rain.

  • Brownie

    All lies. You can say all these lies because Cory isn’t here anymore to defend himself, but people shouldn’t believe these lies. Everyone said he was a very nice guy.

    Unfortunately, he had a drug problem and I’m going to guess that when he took too much, he freaked out and didn’t want to call for help and instead try to sleep it off. I’ve been there, but with pills. But I didn’t want my parents to find me dead the next morning so I told them & we went to the hospital ER ASAP.

    • Peace

      You clearly have no clue what overdosing on heroin is. Don’t talk if you know absolutely nothing on the subject. He shot himself up with heroin, he didn’t orally take pills. Do you have any idea how quickly heroin travels through your bloodstream after IV? Clearly you don’t, because your 15.

  • guest

    Oh really? Where did you get the rumours from? Sound fake to me.

  • guest

    Well, where is the evidence in this whole article then? Where are the sources they got the information from? They “assumed” that Glee did this to promote the TV show, and made this whole article sounded like an anti-fanfiction.

    And you know what’s bullcrap about this article? They deliberately posted it after Cory’s death in order to be disrespectful. If this whole fake relationship thing was true, the whole world would’ve known beforehand.

  • Elmo

    I won’t be devastated if it comes out that I’m wrong but in my opinion the relationship was real. Contrary to popular belief, it was Cory who was lucky to have Lea, not the other way around. Cory killed himself with meth and was a member of the most propaganda-filled white trash show around, he didn’t deserve a tribute any more than Osama bin laden did.

  • Nicole

    WHERE on earth did you get your “sources’ for this article? This is too hard to believe.

  • Toni

    This is disgusting, whoever wrote this should be ashamed of themselves. I don’t believe it for a second. It was true love and it still lives on now even after his death.

  • Jess

    Absolute bullshit. They’d actually been together a pretty long time until Cory revealed he was dating Lea. They didn’t even have a “public relationship”, unlike other “couples”. In fact, many Glee fans had no idea until Cory died. If it were a fake to promote the show, they’d have made much more publicity and hype about it.
    In a nutshell: If there’s one genuine relationship between two leads of a popular show or movie series in Hollywood, it’s “Monchele”.

  • Cory Lover

    It was real. How can you say this after you see Lea crying, after she was getting so slim. of course it was real! How can you say it isnt? Shame on you!!

  • liz

    a real journalist would cite sources and identify herself/himself fully instead of just using a first name. tsk tsk.

  • bob

    Who ever wrote this fuckin article you are a fuckin asshole and bitch go suck a dick

  • Default setting

    The whole mess strikes of phony. And that makes this, “I’m releasing an album, posing for terry richards, we were thinking of having children”, really…disgusting and bloodsuckingly cold.