Martha Stewart Done With Dating

Friday, September 27, 2013

MACY’S WELCOMES  MARTHA STEWART AND SARAH CAREY  TO HERALD SQUAREMARTHA Stewart is down in the dumps after failing in her attempt to find a boyfriend online.

The domestic diva, 72, is desperate to find her Mr. Right, and turned to a dating website to hunt him down. But, after sifting through more than 1,000 potential suitors, she narrowed the field down to interna­tional steel executive Larry Traub and commercial filmmaker Stan Schofield, both 68. Shortly after, both appeared on the morning program TODAY with the multimillionaire entrepreneur.

Martha enthused about getting to know Larry over drinks and enjoying dinner with Stan.

“But the reality is she hasn’t gone on any more dates with either of these guys,” revealed a source close to the media mogul.

“Martha is so darn finicky that she didn’t really give Larry or Stan the time of day after their initial meeting.”

“If Martha continues with her picky attitude,” added the close source, “she’s destined to be a lonely old biddy.”