Hillary Clinton to Push Forward With Bill Clinton Divorce?

Friday, September 27, 2013

201340HILLARY Clinton is on a mission!

The former First Lady is now determined to push forward with her $120 million divorce from her dying hubby, Bill Clinton, after learning he was trying to hook up with his old flame Gennifer Flowers.

According to Globe magazine, Gennifer has revealed the intimate account of their affair, Bill’s desperate attempt to bed her again — and Hillary’s shocking bisexual secret.

Recent reports claimed Hillary has been videoed engaged in a steamy swimming pool romp with another gal!

According to America’s Globe magazine, the video recently surfaced and is threatening to torpedo any plans Clinton has of running for the White House in 2016.

“There are sex rumors dogging the possible presidential candidate,” a source said.



  • Howard Lee

    Does Hillary drink a lot of alcohol??

    • snafubar

      Doe a bear s#*t in the woods?

      • Howard Lee

        Sho Nuff Do

  • MarVista509

    Not so fast, if she runs, we get 2 for one, he is included.
    She needs his brain!
    Few like her or even remember one word this manatee ever uttered.
    A congenital liar, fabricator, agitator, a free-loader. They travel in packs, the husband, who is seldom w/her, the daughter married to a husband whose father was a convict, also comes on the package, another tax exempt lifelong free loader. Outlaws need one another for support.

  • mertsj

    Are we all sick of this pair of low-rent, wrong side of the tracks, white trash?