Tori Spelling Going Broke? Report Says Actress and Husband Are Struggling For Cash

Friday, October 4, 2013

84th Annual Cedar-Sinai The Helping Hand of Los Angeles Mother's Day Luncheon - ArrivalsTORI Spelling doesn’t have any money!

According to a report from Star magazine, the actress and her husband Dean McDermott are struggling financially.

“Tori and Dean are going broke,” a close family insider revealed.

“They can’t keep up with the cost of living their famous Hollywood life, and it’s taking a huge emotional toll on them.”

Tori, 40, and Dean, 46, agonize over how they’re going to raise their four kids.

Uprooting their busy lives for the upcoming reality show, Tori & Dean: Cabin Fever, for example, put a huge strain on the family.

“And the sad thing is, they barely got any money for doing that show,” the insider explains. “But they have to take any opportunity that comes their way, because they are so desperate for money.

“Tori didn’t get her fair share of her father’s wealth. She struggled a lot financially but did manage to make ends meet from doing reality shows with Dean.

“The money from Tori’s random business ventures helped to keep them afloat.

“But it wasn’t enough to maintain their lifestyle.

“Dean is now trying to build a new career as a chef to provide for their family. But he hasn’t come far enough to achieve any stability.”

“Tori is desperate and at a loss as to what to do. It’s not like she can just get a normal job, because she’s a celebrity.”



  • Libra Diaries

    time to get off that high horse.

  • Susan Cooper

    That’s what you get for stealing another’ woman’s broke husband.

  • Player Hater

    I hate to spoil your fun. You do know that these sensational articles about celebrities going broke is just one of many media ploys used by these celebrities to gain publicity for their upcoming reality show. Tori Spelling is working on a new reality show titled “Tori & Dean: Cabin Fever.” Their PR team needs to release these sensational stories to build up fan momentum before the show is released. Those who are interested in Tori Spelling’s self-fabricated misfortunes are also the ones most likely to watch her “reality” show. The worst thing that can happen to celebrities is to be ignored.

  • lovemymets

    “Tori didn’t get her fair share of her father’s wealth,” you say. Sure, she did. Growing up she lived the ultimate Hollywood lifestyle, a fraction of what regular working people could ever dream of having. She got lucky in the gene pool in that regard. If she and her gold-digging husband (like HE’s not waiting for Tori’s mother to kick the bucket !) didn’t live beyond their means and have one child after another, they wouldn’t have such “problems.” Two prior marriages were broken up (hers and his) to make this union, now both of you get a job and tough it out.

  • Adacats

    The fact that they had to “downsize” and rent a house for $16,000 a month. Really, did they think that the average American would feel for them. I felt ashamed that I even read about it.

  • Adacats

    And to add to that, who gives a rat’s @#$

    • SunnyBabyDoll

      Ummmm….apparently you do if you took the time to read this post and comment on it..

  • cheesensprinkles

    If they can afford to rent for $16k a month then that isn’t “broke” in my book. I’d say they are doing pretty well for themselves. Here’s a thought, stop throwing lavish parties on birthdays and just for kicks all the time and realize that you should be banking that cash for retirement. Whining about not having your fair share tells me it’s time to stop thinking you’re entitled because of your last name. Seriously. Be over it already. She once said herself she wanted to be NORMAL. Welcome to NORMAL dear. Maybe instead of Prada you better learn how to step down to the reality of less. Your four kids don’t need to grow up that way. They need to grow up realizing that normal people shop in walmart, in target and at normal grocery stores with less. I don’t feel sorry for people that whine about going broke when you can afford $16k a month for rent. Boohoo. That is still well above where the average joe in this life can do… that $16k in rent is all some people make in a year. When you get to that point with 4 kids then you can worry and even whine about it a little bit but even then, pull yourself up and learn to live with less in terms of luxuries. If your so broke, why is Dean getting more tattoos? Doesn’t seem like they have their financial priorities straight now does it?

  • Sunlit Web

    It’s hard to feel sorry for them. My parents raised eight children on one salary, and I can guarantee you we had little left over after bills. However, I do feel sorry for Tori. If her dad knew what her mom did to cut her out of the inheritance I bet he would have some things to say. Tori deserved better. Her father made a fortune and it should have been shared fairly with her.

  • Pandemonium123

    I don’t understand what her being a celebrity has to do with not being able to get a normal job. Just suck it up and do it if you have to. Cut he lifestyle too. Welcome to the real world.

  • jojo57

    poor you net worth 15 million can you get food stamps TORI sure miss daddy now were mom////