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Faith Hill and Tim McGraw Come to Blows Over Wedding Ring

Posted by Adam

48th Annual Academy of Country Music Awards - ArrivalsFAITH Hill is an angry lady!

The singer apparently flew into a fit of rage after her husband Tim McGraw publicly ditched his wedding ring during a Las Vegas appearance.

“Faith is heartbroken that her family is falling apart, and she was just blown away that Tim would take his ring off,” a source told American tabloid the National Enquirer.

Tim is getting sick and tired of Faith’s controlling ways and stuck it to her by posing without his wedding ring on the red carpet at the iHeartRadio Music Festival on Sept. 21.

“It was a declaration of war on Faith,” an insider said of Tim’s heartless act. “He stared straight at the cameras and didn’t bother to hide the fact that his wedding band was off.

“Faith went berserk!” revealed a pal, adding that she phoned Tim with a blistering ultimatum: “Put the ring back on – or don’t come home!

“She said if he wants to battle her for a divorce, she would take their kids and every cent he has. Her mes­sage was loud and clear.

“He took off the ring as an act of defiance, but it backfire. He hadn’t removed it since they got married, and when he did, he knew it would humiliate Faith because she’s been insisting all along that everything is all right on the home front.

“But Tim wasn’t expecting the ultimatum, and he was extremely upset. He hadn’t thought it through, and after Faith told him she would ruin him, he realized he wasn’t ready to call it quits just yet.

“So when he performed on stage that night, he had the wedding ring back on. And he told Faith that he’d just left it in his dressing room after taking a shower. But she knew he was covering up.”

Meanwhile, Faith has been leaning on Tim’s BFF Kenny Chesney.

“Faith asked Kenny, ‘What could Tim be thinking? Why is he telegraphing to the whole world that our marriage is in trouble?’” the source said.

“It humiliated Faith to admit to Kenny that their marriage is floun­dering, but she’s so desperate to save her family she’s willing to try anything.

“Kenny comforted Faith and promised he would have a talk with Tim.

“Tim and Faith have been fighting more than ever before. Sometimes they go days without speaking to each other.

“Faith has never trusted Tim, but she’s pulled the reins too tight.

“When she first demanded he stop drinking, start working out and stop act­ing like a teenager, Tim went along with her. But now he wants his freedom back.

“Faith and Tim seem to be keeping their marriage together for appearances and business reasons. If there was an easy way for them to call it quits, this marriage would have been over a long time ago.”[imagebrowser id=236]

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  • Toby


  • gigi garber

    If the story of Pinocchio was true your nose would be 1000 miles long by now. I realize that this kind of trash sells that toilet paper you call print media but there are so many better stories out there. First of all, Tim has made MANY appearances over the years without his ring. Sometimes he doesn’t wear it in concert. That DOES NOT mean anything. I have been happily married for 34 years and my husband has never worn a wedding ring. It is a hazard to his health as he is an electrician. Most likely, YOU have never seen his actual wedding ring; he only wears that when he’s off stage.

    • Myra Robinson

      I have seen him many times and he has worn it almost every time. he takes a shower before a show, and removes his ring for a shower. the reason for that is because it gets loose and he is afraid it will fall off and fall in the drain. one time he had it in his pocket and actually stopped while singing “I like it I love it, and took it out and put it back on in front of the audience. then he made sure people knew he was married by showing that and his Faith tattoo he patted his tattoo.

  • Anonymous

    really st ooo pid looking cowboy hat.

  • Janet Yvonne Dailey

    BIG BS…just another BS story to get readers to look at your scum!

  • Quezebo Jones

    Does Tim wear his hat when he showers?

    • Myra Robinson

      he only wears his hat when he works. his hat is his trade mark.

  • GaProud

    Tim is loosing to much weight…He looks sick and i’ve seen pictures of Faith and she also looks to have lost a lot herself through the years.

    • Debbie

      I agree. She’s had too much cosmetic surgery and he looks like he has traded drinking for working out and getting too many UV rays. He’s always been my favorite, partially because of his dedication to his family. Why did she marry him if she never trusted him? I never knew that. I always admired them as Country Royalty.

      • R.N.

        Hi Debbie I am a surgical R.N. for a plastic surgeon in Beverly Hills Ca.
        And Faith Hill has had no plastic surgery done to her face in all the time she has been married to Tim McGraw. However she has had a tummy tuck after her children. Some fillers to cheeks in face and little botox in forehead, nothing else on face. I have met her in person. Take a look at the slide of pics on the article and look closely, you will notice she is aging gracefully, her laugh lines are present ,she has no filler in her lips as to they have always been full naturally.

      • Myra Robinson

        thanks for that information on my favorite female singer. I knew she has had very little done.she is still beautiful.

  • HemiFaulk

    quote “a source told American tabloid the National Enquirer” that phrase there tells me its a lie, you wont protect a source, you only protect the lie and the liar which is you and your publication.

  • Mandy

    this is bull because everytime they perform together you can fill the love between them on stage and you can’t fake a filling

    • karendelandywalker

      feel and feeling

    • karendelandywalker

      feel and feeling

  • Myra Robinson

    this is BS. wish they would pick on another couple to ruin. I just saw these two in Las Vegas,and you cannot fake that. are else they are really good actors. he kissed her or I should say they kissed each other and he touched her and she enjoyed every minute of it . you cannot fake that! not the passion they have. they kissed at least 3 times.