Kanye West Can’t Sell Concert Tickets

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Kim Kardashian Rings in the New Year at 1Oak Nightclub in Las Vegas on December 31, 2012KANYE West is no Jay-Z.

The rapper — who recently welcomed his first child, daughter North West, with Kim Kardashian — is struggling to sell tickets for his new tour.

“Kanye is doing sweepstakes because his NYC shows are not sold out. Compare this to Jay Z, who sells out his concerts in seconds or minutes,” a source said.

“Kanye’s shows in his hometown of Chicago are not selling out either.”

Meanwhile, Kanye doesn’t want Kim to lose all of her baby weight.

The rapper has told his girlfriend that he’s a fan of her post-baby body and prefers her new shape so much that he’s told Kim to keep her curves.

“Kim’s been working really hard to lose the weight that she put on carrying Nori, enlisting the help of trainer Tracy Anderson and doing four-hour gym sessions. She’s lost around 40 pounds and has cut carbs from her diet, but it’s not happening fast enough for her,” a source said.

“Kanye’s reassuring her that she looks fantastic, but she’s still feeling self-conscious, wearing clothes that swamp her figure and dying her brunette locks golden to draw attention away from her body.”

West is anything but upset with her shape, despite Kardashian’s insecurity about it.

“Even Kanye’s not aware of how hard she’s been working to lose the weight,” the source added.



  • Rod Turner

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