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Brad Pitt Goes Crazy at Shia LaBeouf

Posted by Adam

"World War Z" Germany Premiere - ArrivalsBRAD Pitt is not a fan of Shia LaBeouf.

The Hollywood star — who raises six children with partner Angelina Jolie — apparently lost his temper when Shia pointed a gun in his face on the set of their new WWII flick Fury.

The pair — who play two tough GIs battling Nazis — were filming in Oxfordshire, England, when Shia “became a bit too intrigued by the machine guns in the tank’s turrets and started firing the guns wildly between scenes,” a source told American tabloid the National Enquirer.

“The guns were loaded with blanks, not real bullets, but Brad was NOT happy with Shia goofing around. He tapped him on the shoulder, meaning to caution him, but Shia whipped the gun turret around and hit Brad smack in the face with the hot barrel!

“Brad, livid, yelled, ‘Quit f****** around!’ Everyone froze, but Shia started laughing — and Brad just snapped!

“He lunged – and crew members literally had to pull him off the jerk. Shia yelled, ‘Hey, man, what’s your problem?’ Bellowed Brad, ‘I have 5-year-olds more mature than you!’

“Later, they both returned, and Shia – looking very sheepish – turned to Brad and asked: ‘Are we good?’ They shook hands and we’re happy to report there’ve been no further altercations!”

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  • GunSmith

    I don’t understand why they don’t educate these actor’s on blanks. Brad was completely right in his righteous anger towards Shia.
    That is how Brandon Lee died on set. No one should point a gun at you unless they mean to use and kill you. That is how I was trained in the Military. Blanks or not. Shia should have acted in a professional mature manner. If I was Pitt this would be the very last film I did with Shia.

  • The Truth

    NEVER HAPPENED A source close to Shia reports this story is “ridiculous”

    • Cameraman

      Your close source was wrong. I was present.

    • Your Dad

      You are clearly a 13 year old girl… who is wrong.

  • FBHO

    Most likely a true story. Libtard D-Bags like Shia typically act like morons around guns and compromise everyone’s safety.

    • FBHO 2

      Exactly. They typically act like morons the majority of the time.

  • BOB

    back in the 80′s an actor accidentally killed himself with a blank firing gun on set, goofing around. Those hot gases have a lot of energy and force at very close range. Shia’s a douche, Brad’s done his fair share of acting with guns and probably knows a little more than tardboy.

    • kylel999

      Jon-Erik Hexum. He was my favorite “good guy” in the show Voyagers growing up.

      He had a bright career as a character actor ahead of him had he been educated on the dangers.

  • PauI Lee

    Self-important much, Shia?

  • PauI Lee

    They think they own Hollywood.

    Wel, they sorta do.

  • Anonymous

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  • Megan

    Brad was dealing with a mental patient who urgently needs help. 5051 hold time for Shia.

  • Franklin

    Shia is in fact mentally sick and needs to be placed under involuntary psychiatric

    hold for assessment, as he is a danger to himself and others. I wish him all the best.

  • el jeran

    they both suck. Shia and Pitt in the same movie. I guess Hollywood feels like throwing some money down the toilet.