John Edwards and Rielle Hunter Have a Falling Out

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

John EdwardsJOHN Edwards has fallen out with his former mistress, Rielle Hunter.

A source says the disgraced politician threw Rielle out of his palatial North Carolina home after a bitter fight over her going public with more details about their torrid affair and love child.

Edwards, the National Enquirer claims, was livid when Hunter told him she planned to publish an updated version of her tell-all book. He accused the 49-year-old blonde of trying to drag their scandalous relationship back into the spotlight for profit

“John had told her, ‘Forget about it – it’s history,’ ” said a source. “He viewed the book as a cash grab by Rielle. John was desperate to put the affair behind him and get on with his life, so he ordered Rielle not to do it.

“John was so furious about the project, he told Rielle, ‘Get out of my house!’

“John said reissuing the book is only going to reopen old wounds. He called her ‘selfish’ and ‘evil’ and said she was once again making his life ‘a living hell’.

“At this point, John doesn’t think there’s anything he can say to convince anyone he’s sorry for what he’s done. He’s completely given up.”



  • Anonymous

    You mean to tell me Edwards had that demented foozy living in Elizabeth’s house with Elizabeth’s children????? Elizabeth Edwards would be spinning in her grave if she knew that crazy woman had influence on her children.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t get all the hostility toward Rielle. HE was the one who betrayed his vows. HE was the one who lied to America (in fact, both Americas!). HE was the one to siphon off campaign funds. HE was the one to deny paternity of his own child. Rielle’s no saint (neither was Elizabeth), but don’t give this sleazy “son of a mill worker” a pass.

    • Anonymous

      John Edwards doesn’t get a pass, but he’s living his life in shame. I give him a little credit for that. He seems remorseful. Rielle Hunter does NOT get a free pass because she wasn’t married to Elizabeth Edwards. She seduced and bedded Elizabeth’s husband within hours after meeting him. She INTENDED to destroy the Edwards’ family and she did. She obviously tricked John Edwards into that kid he didn’t need.

      And the worst thing of all . . . she wrote a detailed book bashing Elizabeth Edwards – who was dead from cancer, and could no longer defend herself. Terrible what she did, not only to Elizabeth’s memory, but to Elizabeth’s children and family who had to read Rielle’s garbage.

      Sorry, compared to Rielle Hunter — Elizabeth IS a damn saint!

  • cbinatl

    Rielle should have kept her mouth shut about the whole torrid affair until it was the right time. She did this for fame and fortune no doubt. Still, John owes her support for Quinn but that is it! The child will end up suffering because of all this. I thought John had kept Rielle in another house 1-2 hours away from the other children? Maybe he kicked her out of that house.The latest news is John Edwards has a new girlfriend. Danielle seems wise, intelligent, educated, and independent. Hopefully, she will take her time on this relationship.John better treat her with respect. She seems to be genuinely interested in John’s and EE’s children.If they all get along, they have my blessings!