Tina Fey Freaks Out Over iPhone Issue!

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

65th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards - ArrivalsTINA Fey isn’t very good when it comes to technology.

While dining with pals at SUR Lounge in West Hollywood recently, the 30 Rock star got hot and bothered when her new iPhone suddenly started making unintelligible sounds, and she couldn’t silence it.

“Embarrassed in front of her guests, Tina ran outside, finally got the phone turned off, handed it to the valet and told him to hold onto it for her,” said a friend.

“An hour later, she left SUR Lounge and had driven a few blocks when she remembered she hadn’t asked for her phone.

“So she drove back, asked the valet for it and was told, ‘Ms. Fey, I put your phone in your glove compartment, as you’d asked’.

“Embarrassed a second time because she’d completely forgotten her instructions, Tina rolled her eyes, apologized, tucked two $20s into the valet’s hands – and drove off feeling dorky!”


  • RosserX

    As funny as this story is, its fake. This story came from The National Enquire so you should automatically know that this story is BS. Besides, Tina Fey doesn’t even have a driver’s license and doesn’t even live in LA.