Angelina Jolie Having Breast Issues

Friday, November 1, 2013

"World War Z" Germany Premiere - ArrivalsANGELINA Jolie fears she is suffering complications from her recent breast reconstruction surgery.

The actress — who raises six kids with partner Brad Pitt — has been tired, tense and in considerable pain, according to a new report.

“Angie’s new breasts are uncomfortable and painful and they’re driving her crazy,” says a source close to Angelina.

While most women wait several months a year after a mastectomy before undergoing breast reconstruction, Angelina went through hers almost immediately, completely the surgery six months ago.

“She did all the research, and she knew it was tricky to get implants so soon after the mastectomy,” said the source.

“She’s not worried about cancer anymore, but her new fear is that she rushed into getting implants and there is a chance of infection.

“Her new breasts look great, but they’ve been giving her problems so of course now she’s questioning everything.

“She feels like she opted for surgery without thinking it through. She thinks she didn’t listen to the best advice, and she’s really regretting it. She doesn’t want to make an issue about her implants, because she knows it will make headlines. But she is seeing her doctors and voicing her concerns.”[imagebrowser id=1253]


  • Vince Vaungh

    Such a spectacular couple in soooooooooooooooooooooo many ways! Not just talking bout looks people! So don’t be assholes responding in that way.

  • amy

    No she’s not…. she is perfectly fine.

    • jilly

      There comes the delusion of Jolie fans. How do you know that she is perfectly fine? It’s very possible to have these kind of problems after such a procedure.

      • Maxine

        I have through the same surgery as Angelina. My Mother,Grandmother and Greatmother suffered from cancer.
        I am a Jolie fan with no delusion. Our family has seen great heartache. My sister buried her 20 year son after he was diagnosed with kidney cancer. So we know . In the meantime after my surgery and I am in great shape and eat extremely healthy…….I had issues like Jolie…so it can happen.
        Dear jilly not all Jolie fans are delusional darling, some of us are as real as it gets.
        Anyone and I mean anyone can come down with anything at anytime. YES anyone. Kinda scary Uhh. If not it should be.

      • Maxine

        Btw my decision was based on my four children and has proved after 7 years to best decision for my family.

      • jilly

        Thank you Maxine and as I can see, not all of Jolie fans are blind to the fact that she is a human like the rest of us and could have problems. Could be physically or emotionally, she is not perfect! I hope everything goes well for you and your family. I lost my brother to cancer two years ago and my sister has battled breast cancer a couple of years ago, as well. Let’s pray that some day they can find the cure for this monster.

      • Elmo

        Jilly, you have the right to consider me a fringe conspiracy theorist if you so wish, but hearing about your losses, I must warn you: me and lots of other people, and a good part of the country wonder if the medical companies (and parts of the government) are supposedly trying to cure things like cancer either are deliberately not finding a cure or have in fact found a cure and are either way intentionally holding it back so that they can continue to profit from the diseases by just relapsing medicine that only does temporary things so those afflicted have to keep coming back. You’d be surprised at what some people will do for money.

      • Elmo


      • jilly

        Good job and GREAT POINT Elmo. I will lose my faith in this country if I doubt that they’ve found the cancer cure but not using it. That’s just not for America, it’s for the whole world. There are lots of conspiracy theories out there and my God, if any of them are true, we’re all sleeping with the Devil!

      • LeeAnn

        I believe alot if American’s feel exactly the same, should be enough to scare the hell out of us, I mean that literally.

      • Elmo

        And hello to you, jilly. I am resounding to you here for the same reason I responded to Jae above. Be careful and keep alert, and tell others to do the same, you never know what could be going on right in front of us!

        Celtics crushed Magic last night! I was actually at the game!

      • Jae

        Btw you raise some very good points in above paragraph. Perhaps we should pay more attention to some of what you are stating and a whole lot less time on whoever the media wishes to glorify.

      • Elmo

        Hello Jae. I am simply responding here so that you know that I read your post a bit above where you told me to scroll down here, and of course did so. Sorry for the late responses, my access on here is limited for personal reasons.

  • Mikayla

    Saline breast implants gave me horrible health problems 6 months after them. The shell is made of silicone and silicone causes disease and cancer. The Fda won’t admit this yet, but the many women I’ve met and continue to meet who get sick after them proves it. At the age of 21, just 6 mths after my boob job, I began having SEVERE insomnia, constant bladder infections..then 3 years later, arthritis in my neck that spread down my spine, eye and head pain, SEVERE muscle stiffness…constant pain. This happens to a lot of women. All you have to do is seek and you will find the truth about this. There are tons of stories just like mine online or in person if you ask them. Look up Dr. Kolb ” The truth about Breast Implants” or Dr. Pierre Blais. Look up Alyssa Silicone Rally just to name a few sites. Check out saline support group on yahoo groups. Come hear our stories. Hopefully, Angelina will raise awareness to the mainstream that breast implants of all kinds cause disease. It is a FACT scientifically that breast implants increase a woman’s chance of cancer as well. This whole ordea has woken me up to the fact that we can not trust anyone. We need to research for ourselves.

    • Landyn

      Hi Mikayla, your are absolutely right. I have had silicone implants and saline and yes saline is encased in silcone. I have had tremendous issues with both. I had them made a very average size 34 small C cup and I am tall. So size didnot matter. Implants are poison. I had to go through 6 surgerys so far. What women donot understand is Breast implants should be replaced about every 6 to 7 years anyway, but no doctor is gonna tell you that. If your not happy with your breast I reccommend a Fat transfer and a lift. That way your using your own body fat to fill you out and it does not take to much. From thigh or buttocks, even tummy…there are areas to take from on most women. Do your homework girls! I wish I would have known 25 years ago.but this info was available. Same with face fillers, fat transfer is the best and for lips also.

    • CL.GARRY

      Nobody wants discuss this question because it’s multi million business.
      May be now,
      when it comes about Jolie
      this problem will have a necessary attention.
      And a serious discussion.

      • Jae

        Agreed. And so glad that Angelina Jolie’s platform and stardom could bring this subject to the forefront. It has been a long overdue subject. Women need to be aware. Again thank you to Ms. Jolie for being open and sharing with the public on the subject.

      • jilly

        Let’s not make her a hero again. She did not announce anything, the information just leaked out this time.

      • Elmo

        Yes. I’m sure you know this already, but I hate how the media turns anything she does into a selfless act of kindness. The surgery wasn’t good or bad and did not make me think any better or worse of her. It’s just something that she DID. If this is what it takes to raise awareness about any problems that there might be, this is a sad, sad world.

      • Jae

        No, what is very very sad as I mentioned above, it does matter who or why unless you have personnal issues with the who or why, even then whats the difference look beyond the who and be grateful the message got out on the subject. Stop being selfish just because you dont like the stars name attached. Women need to be aware of the risks no matter how the story breaks.

      • Elmo

        This is being used to make HER look better, not bring attention to the disease. They used it to make her look like a hero for nothing. Not saying the disease isn’t bad nor that she shouldn’t have done it, I’m saying there trying to turn her into freaking GOD just for this.

      • Jae

        She is not a God, Stop concerning yourself with what and who are trying to make her a God. Be happy for women who get some very long overdue attention in this matter. I hope you see the bigger picture here.

      • Elmo

        So you want me to just sit back and do nothing while the media brainwashes me? I do see the bigger picture that breast cancer should be paid attention to, but it is and they are trying to glorify JOLIE.

      • Jae

        The media and no one else can brainwash you if do not allow it to. Your are in control of you. Let go of the Jolie thing in you already. You are letting that control you. Focus on what is truly of value. Relax and take deep breath and good look at the Philippines. A people who are desperate need now. So lets find a way to help those in need and do it. :)

      • Elmo

        I am not at all allowing the media to brainwash me. The only reason I keep talking about the “Jolie thing” is because the media is attempting to glorify her, and make a feel-good story where there isn’t one, for their own profit. Seems a bit hypocritical of you to say that people should take this as an opportunity to raise awareness for breast cancer but are willing to ignore blatant media bias. And also, the fact that I’m even pointing this out is proof that I’m not a brainwashed blind Jolie-lover.

      • Jae

        We should all know by now what the media is capable of and that they get paid to do. I personally believe no one should be glorified , including athletes, movies stars, politicians,the pope afterall they are not God.
        What I am simply saying is no matter what avenue is taken to raise much needed awareness on breast cancer or any other type of illness that should not be overlooked, then the opportunity must be taken to do so. And if certain people want to glorify Angelina Jolie over something the media writes pertaining to her, then those people most certainly need some help. Once again she is not God.
        Unfortunately the media bias will continue, because your right that is what they get paid to do. I just see through it and move on to the real tasks we have as a society with a responsibility to further our understanding of these illnesses ourselves. The movie stars of the world pass on, but cancer and other illnesses have remained, I am only interested in helping find cures.

      • Elmo

        I absolutely agree that nobody should be glorified, but you seem to be perfectly fine with them doing that with Jolie. All I’m saying is that while you’re right, we should be definitely be fighting to stop the diseases, we should also be fighting to stop media bias, you’re insane if you think THAT’S not a huge problem.

      • Elmo

        Also, i am more than aware that Angie is FAR from god, I’m the one that first said that.

      • Jae

        I thought I made my point of view clear, if not I will do it again. No human should be glorified . And there are several watchdog groups out there against media bias, join one Elmo, I think you would be good at it. It is just a shame that those groups seem to being doing the same thing over and over again with the exact same outcome…..getting nowhere. And that is true insanity. Btw if scroll you will see I agreed with your comment to jilly, a day ago.

      • Jones

        Holy shite dude let the AJ thing go already. You look like a jealous twat. You cannot even have a comment without bringing Angelina into it. So busy thinking about HOW it makes HER look. You will never get past that, Jolie has been front and center for a long long long time, and at least she does more than post pics of herself at the hairdresser. Gawd tell that Aniston thing to go help a nation in nee, adopt a child already, or make a film about a ledgendary man or woman. Aniston 44 and still acting like an 19 year wannabe at the hairdresser.

      • Jae

        Last thing I am concerned about is not whether Angelina Jolie appears to be a hero or not. It does not matter how the message gets out as long as the message gets out. Fact is she made an annoucement about her breast surgerys and now these stories follow, if you or I made the same annoucements originally, nobody would have paid attention. So again I am very pleased a platform such as hers is being used for the good of those who suffer.

      • Sarah

        For sure! Women do need to be aware and many thanks to ms jolie for her support it the matter,, as well as so many other women. Wonderful to see ms jolie grow out of her twenties and care for so many countries and so many people.

  • iDontLikePink

    While I sit here recovering from my (hopefully) final breast
    reconstruction surgery, a visiting friend told me that Angelina Jolie
    was having problems with her new breasts.

    Most all women going through it have problems and daily pains that aren’t considered complications, but normal or the pain is labeled as “discomfort”

    had no serious problems, but upon waking from the mastectomy surgery-it
    felt like an elephant was sitting on my chest. My first walk down the
    hospital hall, I was shocked at the pain and realized that I would have
    to deal with pain for a long time in the future.

    Over the next
    4-5 months when my expander was being filled weekly with saline, I was
    in pretty much constant pain (or discomfort as the medical profession
    labels pain) and had to sleep sitting up on my couch and continued for
    six months of sleeping upright.

    I had hives where there was
    alloderm was put in as a sling to support my new breast in the making. I
    lost my balance as since I had a unilateral mastectomy and frequently
    hit it accidentally on a doors and other furniture. One time in a walk I
    fell stepping over a 12″ high barrier. I had lost feeling in most of
    the new breast, but after any kind of trauma or touch I had a delayed
    feeling in about 15 seconds. That delayed feeling was pain.

    learned to deal with the pain with as little medication as possible.
    Walking miles and miles, deep breathing and mental perception changes
    allowed me to triumph and remain strong.

    My second surgery to
    exchange the expander with an implant and am implant on my natural
    breast to even out the volume, happened 4-1/2 months after my
    mastectomy. This rime I got blisters from creases in the surgical tape.
    It looked like I has 5 black leeches on my breasts. Now I have two
    (probably permanent) scars left five months later.

    The implant
    on my natural beast took quite a while to drop down to be even with my
    other reconstructed breast, but the nipple was very very low.

    After being able to sleep flat for the first time in 6 months – it messed up my neck and upper back and I am sure it was also due to my increased bra size. Even though my Dr said I would be a B cup – per the standard 175cc= one cup size, my anatomy, tall height and muscle mass made me a D cup.

    the final decision by my surgeon was to have another surgery-a breast
    lift on my natural (already augmented) breast when my new nipple was
    being grafted into my reconstructed breast.

    So here I am a day
    after my surgery with a piece of my ear cartilage stitched on my
    reconstructed breast and the other breast is stitched around the nipple
    and runs down below to the end of my breast. For the breast lift my skin
    was stretched tightener and I have horrible stretch marks that look
    like albino tiger stripes from the skin being pulled so tight. Oh and I
    had them from my initial mastectomy as well, so I have stretch marks,
    redness in areas that won’t go away, lots of surgical scars, and scars
    from surgical tape. I also now have breasts that aren’t really a match
    like I had before, they will never be “twins” as some women refer their
    breast as, nor will they be sisters, but it is the best that could be
    done since I chose to not have both breasts removed.

    experiences is pretty much on par with every woman having reconstruction
    after mastectomy and I didn’t technically have any complications. Also I
    had a rare type of breast cancer, pure mucinous carcinoma so I did not
    have to have chemo nor radiation since I had the entire breast taken
    out. I declined to take tamoxifen for personal reasons (which is about a
    book’s worth of pages to discuss). Amongst those who have been
    diagnosed with breast cancer, I am considered one of the very lucky

    And I am.