Barbra Streisand Divorcing James Brolin? Actor Wants Out: Report

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

[imagebrowser id=1018] BARBRA Streisand‘s marriage is on the rocks!

Sources say the singer’s husband of 15 years, James Brolin, has told Streisand he wants out of the relationship, reports the National Enquirer.

Brolin, 73, is sick and tired of his diva wife’s controlling ways, bossing him around and treating him as “a second-rate citizen,” and he’s signing on for tons of showbiz work to put some separation between them.

“They have been spending less and less time together lately, and he’s telling pals that he’s completely fed up,” said a close source.

“Barbra promised James two years ago she was going to slow down and pay more attention to him, but it hasn’t happened, and he’s tired of waiting for her to change.

“James finally lost it totally and, in a fit of rage, he told her, ‘I want out!’ – and it sent Barbra into a fury.

“James often complains that when she’s not ordering him around, Barbra treats him like he doesn’t exist.

“Over the years, he’s thrown camping gear in his car and taken off alone because Barbra got on his nerves too much.

“But Barbra sees things dif­ferently. She believes absence makes the heart grow fonder.”

James also believes Barbra is meddling too of­ten in the life of her only child, 46-year-old son Jason, who is HIV-positive, sources say.

“If Barbra’s not working on her mu­sic, a movie project or some sort of po­litical cause for the Democratic Party, then she’s digging into Jason’s life, and James is tired of it.

“Everything came to a head a few weeks ago when they had a horrible argument about Jason.

“For the last six months, Barbra has been focused on trying to get Jason to move from New York to Los Ange­les. She’s worried that he’s not taking care of himself and his health is declining.

“Barbra is determined to make sure that Jason has the best medical care possible so the virus doesn’t develop into full-blown AIDS.

“But James feels Barbra should let her son live his own life.

“He told Barbra that Jason doesn’t want to live in California because he doesn’t want his ‘mommy’ showing up at his place at all hours of the day.

“Barbra snapped back that she can show up at Jason’s whenever she wants because he has a disease that could kill him. Besides that, Barbra said she’s supporting Jason fi­nancially so that gives her the right to be involved in his life as much as she wants.

“The basic prob­lem is that Barbra is a control freak while James is pretty laid back.

“She also believes their regular fights add spice to the marriage and help keep it intact.

“James often goes along with what Barbra wants just to keep the peace, but his patience has run out. He’s telling pals that he’s sick of her screaming and yelling at him.

“Sometimes he feels like that’s the only attention she gives him. He’s tired of it and throws his arms up in despair. That’s why he’s decided to start accepting more acting roles to get away from her.

“It’s a shame.

“James feels Barbra is taking him for granted because he’s always gone along with what­ever she wanted. But this time it’s different. She may wake up one day to find that he’s gone for good.”



  • Erma

    Does not surprise me. James Brolin had always been a laid back kinda fella,likable chap if you will. I have always liked Barbra Streisand for her talent, however on a persnal note, I have heard from so many that have worked with her in the industry she is a complete control freak. Very sad at this age for both of them,I was hoping this pair would out. I do feel badly for Barbra with respect to her son Jason, it must be difficult worrying about your child when you know they are not well. No matter who you are and no matter how much money you have,just knowing there is very little you can do help your child is enough to drive a person insane. I will pray for all of them.

  • Charley

    You believe this piece of crap! How dare they print this garbage! This is negative press from people who are jealous and don’t agree with her politics
    and don’t want her new DVD/CD to sell!!

    • Guest

      BS again. James Brolin was on an hour long interview just made about a month ago with James and he told it like it was..this is the truth about her.She’s always had this rep. She denies it because she’s a liar. There was a museum this guy had in San Francisco that was dedicated to her, he bought expensive items that belonged to her,etc. He stated himself that when he found out what type of person she was, how she treated people like garbage and what a liar she is, he closed up the shop because he said he couldn’t live with the fact that she was so damn evil. She has great PR people and has creative control over every single solitary picture of her and story that goes to press. If this were a lie, why isn’t she suing…. Hard to believe a washed up person is this shitty to her adorable husband who literally, as he stated, has had to lay low during the whole marriage because he’s tired of fighting with her..he does everyt hing he can to make movies, get away from her and she plays along as if they have a perfect marriage.She’s a liar.. and she’s a rotten spoiled brat..she’ disgusts me now!!!

  • Vince

    This is a blatant lie by her detractors, who are not worthy or qualified to lick the soles of Barbra’s Stuart Weitzman pumps!

    • Guest

      Bullshit.. watch Larry king on the web on his new show. He interviewed James Brolin and he admitted she’s insane to work with.He’s lucky he can keep his clothes there..this story is no lie.. WATCH THE VIDEO..HE TOLD IT LIKE IT WAS AND I WAS SO HAPPY HE TOLD THE TRUTH..IT’S ON YOUTUBE..LOOK UP LARRY KINGS INTERVIEW WITH JAMES BROLIN 2013.HE SAID SHE’S HARD TO LIVE WITH!!!!

  • Itsy_bitsy

    How he’s tolerated the “diva” this long is a mystery to me!

  • Tanya

    So important to appreciate & cherish your partner always.

    • Guest

      Yeah and she’s lucky any man would marry her.She’s psycho. I used to be her biggest fan and she BS’s the public and she (read Barbara Walters book about interviewing her and the nightmare it was) and the list goes on. :People hate working with her because she’s such a bitch and she has to have every single thing her way or no way..When she did the Guilt Trip she had demands that were so ridiculous you wouldn’t believe..Poor Seth Rogan wanted to make money from the movie so he said they got along well. BS again..She’s so full of crap making it sound as if she’s the only one people come to see because she’s so special.She’s had so much botox on her face she looks gross. That movie sucked because of her and she could barely move her face and I saw her concert before I found all of this out about her and the rumors I always suspected they were true because she’s an utter bitch.She says the press refused to put a letter that the crew and cast wrote about her when she made Yentle, supposedly praising her. They didn’t believe it and I sure as hell don’t ..She made everyone work over 18 hr days and they said it was a horror.. She’s a liar.. a true liar.. Not only that, all the mexican men who worked on the homes she published a book about called My passion for design,,ugh ugly as hell..but she paid them crap, minimum wages, she treated them like dirt and the reason why it took so long was because if they didn’t follow every single little thing that wasn’t up to total par with her, she would fire people..she’s insane and I think she’s getting more and more psycho as time goes on because she’s old. Not only that it took 40 years to put her sister in a concert with her during allllllllll these years because she didn’t want to help her out whatsoever in her career because her sister is an AMAZING singer..better than Barbra is now.. this is exactly what she was afraid she put her in only some of her Back to Brooklyn concerts and she was such a bitch about it.. I feel sorry for Rosalynd Kind. She is such a talent and because of her bitch sister she never had a chance.She’s so fucking selfish, she’s so fucking cheap as well.. you should hear what actual actors have seen her do at parties.. Plus she’s so grossly overweight..God forbid you don’t agree with her politics..She’s insane.. totally insane. After what James stated to Larry King not even a month ago, I know he was telling the truth and if he asked her for a divorce, I wouldn’t blame him one bit..I know when she heard and saw the interview she probably ripped him a new one because he TOLD THE TRUTH… AWW TOO BAD BABS.. YOU’ RE A NIGHTMARE.!!!!

  • guest

    I saw the interview with Larry King that James gave and even Larry stated when he did that last interview with her when his show with CNN was ending she was such a pain in the ass that he never wanted to interview her again. He as well as Barbara Walters said she’s such a bitch,not words they used because they were on television when they stated this but they definitely meant it. I LOVED IT WHEN MIKE WALLACE LITERALLY TOLD HER TO SHUT UP, CUT THE SHIT AND GET ON WITH THE DAMN INTERVIEW BECAUSE HE WAS SICK AND TIRED OF HER BS.. that was a precious moment for me to see someone put her in her place.Hey she may be a good singer, from the past, she’s barely singing now because she sounds horribly’s not good. I would say her best singing days are wayyyyyy behind her. She’ll be 72 this year and she’s such a damn bitch to James and what he told Larry was that he chose to lay low in the marriage because she’s so controlling that he doesn’t like to HATE because it takes too much effort to hate a person. He said he has a line that he made very clear to her if she crossed it won’t be good. Larry said ” I don’t know how the hell you’ve put up with her. She’s too much and she has to control everything.” Barbra thinks she’s better than she actually is.. When she was on Oprah on her last year of her show, Oprah specifically asked her “What has James Brolin taught you about love?” She answered back in a smart assed answer and I knew from there that she was a huge bitch to him.. she stated and I quote, “I have to watch my tone. She said “It’s nice to be a work in progress.” She basically never answered the question but she was a complete bitch for that alone because he’s a great man. I truly don’t know what prompted him to marry that ridiculously controlling bitch that has to literally run everyone’s life.. she’s psycho and she looks like shit.She has so much botox when I saw her on The Guilt Trip she couldn’t move her face. She never wears a damn bra!! They’re hanging to her friggin knees. Get a grip woman!! She isn’t as good a singer. I was so disappointed at the last concert I saw her in and her voice is just hoarse and lost. I was pissed. thank God I didn’t buy the expensive tickets. she’s not worth it ..Not one red cent. She was her best at singing in her 40′s..after that, she went down hill.. looks-wise and now acting and singing both..what disgusts me is she wants to star in every fucking movie she directs.. She needs to let go.She’s trying to redo Gypsy and she’s 20 years too old for the part and yes she does look it.Ugh!!Who the fuck does she think she is?? She’s such a bitch a rude one and so rude and shitty to James.I’m glad he finally told it like it was and said exactly what he should have said all along, she’s a bitch if she doesn’t get her own way. He can’t have a damn thing of his in those hideous homes she made a book out of and he has NOTHING of his there but his clothes.Everything else is her homes, her furniture, her everything..She’s insane.. I am no longer a fan of hers, especially since finally someone told the truth about what a narcissistic bitch she is and how rotten she treats people. She’s a holy terror..She had the nerve to show on Oprah’s show one day in 2005 and she had her michrophone painted without Oprah’s permission and in the interview she was even shittier.She showed her real ugly side. A fan met her and she accidentally got some lipstick on her ugly outfit and she treated that poor woman that hac cancer like shit. She’s an ASSHOLE….; NEVER WILL I EVER BUY ANYTHING OF HERS AGAIN. I’M GOING TO SELL ALL MY LP’S,TAPES, CD’S EVERY SINGLE THING, DVD’S AND VHS MOVIES OF HERS ON EBAY..I HATE HER FOR HER UGLY PERSONALITY..SHE’S DISGUSTING.

  • Olivia JC

    James Brolin should be happy to have such a successful wife. He does not need to work a lot to be able to have the life that millions of people would love to have. Please Mr Brolin stop winching and try to prove that you can be the one wearing the pants in your household.
    Who has helped you to pay your debts 15 years ago ?