Nathan Fillion Threw Diva Fit on Castle Set?

Thursday, November 7, 2013

"Thor: The Dark World" Los Angeles Premiere - ArrivalsNATHAN Fillion has become something of a diva on the set of Castle.

The 42-year-old actor recently threw a “diva fit” of epic proportions because he felt his costar, Stana Katic, 35, was getting too much attention.

The sixth season initially focused on Katic’s character, Det. Kate Beckett, working with the FBI in Washington.

“Nathan saw the show skewing more and more toward Beckett, and he finally went off on the producers,” revealed an insider.

“Nathan railed, ‘The name of the show is ‘Castle’ not ‘Beckett’… now fix it!’ It was the ultimate diva meltdown.”

Castle debuted in 2009 and follows mystery novelist Richard Castle and Det. Beckett as they work together to solve some of New York City’s more unusual crimes.

In July, Nathan was a no-show on the set in an attempt to lobby studio bosses for a four-day workweek.

“Nathan lost that battle, but he’s won the war for being the undisputed star of Castle,” added the insider.

“He pulled the trump card of there being no series without him, and producers gave in.”


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  • carol

    Nathan Fillion is true to form with everything he has done this year to show what kind of a diva he really is .I watch the show not because of him but because of Stana Katic in reality the show from day one should of been called Castle and Beckett because without her there is no Castle no matter what his ego says .I for one didn’t vote for him on the nominations on People’s Choice Awards because
    he has turned me off to him even though I LOVE the show.

    • sam


    • Erin

      Well we all know what kind of fan that makes you then. SMH.

      • sam

        Bingo, so you got it. The kind fan that is a Stana fan.

  • Marie

    Well, I’ll give you marks for timing and for taking an unchecked source and running with it.

    PS. I’m in a very good position to know and the only ‘facts’ in this article are that Nathan and Stana work on a show called ‘Castle’.

  • Iam

    wth? some anon bitching pretending to be an “insider”? your word choice reveals that you have no facts, only emotions. bye

  • John.

    I’d be more concerned about a libel suit for running this if I were you.

  • anon

    well if ShowbizSpy says it then it’s definitely true ahahahahaha what a gigantic piece of CRAP did i just read lol

  • Pajamas45

    It’s not true.

  • mark

    Nathan simply does not have neither the looks nor the talent to be considered the star. What possessed him to even believe he should be an actor? ‘Ruggedly Handsome’ is so far from believable it turns him into a joke. This seems to be the classic case of an inadequate fat man with large ego being intimidated by a smart beautiful woman. And to add insult to injury Katic is talented. Nathan cannot act his way out of a paper bag. Dude, lose some weight. You are now irrelevant. It may not please you but Katic is star material and she has transitioned to being the star of Castle. Mull over that while you are jogging and dieting.

  • Mike

    Wow Katic looks great but Fillion wow he looks like 50 year old fat man. I liked him before, but recently he turns into real diva

  • Ann

    I liked him before . Beckett is a central part of attention because she has transitioned to being a star of the Castle. Unfortunately he doesn’t look rugedly handsome but he has a mega ego

    • adm1406

      I’ve never rated him as an actor (all he seems to do is play himself i.e. an annoying & immature buffoon), and the more I read about him, the less I like him as a person

  • Gosia

    Why doesn’t this surprise me…? -,-
    Nathan, what is going on with you!?

  • lilianq

    Anon source?!
    Okay let’s say this is true, why would he be asking for more scenes if he wants to work less?! It makes no sense what so ever.
    There are lots of bad news about Nathan lately, I’m really hoping this does not get in the way of the show getting renewed but I’m afraid it might get!

  • mike

    He wanted to work less because he was not in a central part of the show and that was diva behaviour

    • Annie November

      What makes you think that’s the reason?? Did you ask him?? On a guess, no. I’d also take a guess and say he wanted 4 days instead of 5 because 12-16 hour days is very hard and takes a lot out of you… especially if it’s 5 days a week.

      • VD65

        I think it’s because of his weight. If he is really interested in his career, he will lose it, all of it. He isn’t looking too good these days. But he is the star. He makes the shows and his character is Castle.

  • ann24

    I’m sorry, but isn’t it the same as all those rumors from GOSSIP SITES about Stana being a bitch on set and wanting everybody’s attention that were floating on the net couple of years ago? I’m asking the commenters here crying about big egos and spewing hatred. What makes it different? That you like Stana and don’t like Nathan? So you are ready to believe something from an anonymous source on a gossip site, that doesn’t even add up? Like wanting the spotlight and fewer hours at the same time? This whole thing sounds like something pulled out of Castle fandom anus, from teenage girl stalker fantasies I see on Tumblr. It is even worded like that. Either someone who really can’t stand Fillion conjured it from Castle confessions blog and his recent contract negotiations, or showbizspy didn’t even go that far and just interviewed some disgruntled stanatic (sorry normal stanatics). I for one am going to forget about it.

  • e

    least believable article in the world lol I’ve seen fanfiction with better plot than that ;) “the show is named castle not beckett” that’s actually something i’ve heard from some hardcore fillion fans unhappy with the beginning of season6. adam, dude must be painful to write shitty article about the captain like that. i feel you man. tsk tsk.

  • castlelover

    Wait, was this The National Inquirer? Seriously? Yet, anything I’ve ever read about Nathan from other people and guests is about how kind, generous, and selfless he is. I’d ignore this as rubbish.

  • OMG

    Now I see why Stana Katic and Nathan Fillion are angry with each other!! Came on Nathan!! Really?? This can NOT be TRUE!

  • Jeez

    Nathan has become in a piece of garbage, Stana has the looks and the talent to be the star…the show might be called Castle but there’s not Castle without Beckett.

    • Andrea

      Crap, crap , crap. Stop insulting stanatics

  • Dana

    It all comes full circle.
    My co-worker had the privilege to visit the Castle set a couple of weeks ago. And though Nathan was very nice, my co-worker felt some tension between him and the rest of the cast. His always “trying to be funny” and taking nothing seriously is exhausting. Especially if you have to work with him and deal with it every single day.
    And tho he treats his co-workers very nice he always makes it clear who’s the “star” on set.

    • nb

      “You know, he is sure nice to everyone. But I don’t get his jokes and I can’t imagine anyone does, so that must be exhausting for them. And he behaves like he is a lead actor on the show, takes charge, solves problems et cetera. It’s off putting really. I met them for a few minutes but the tension is clear. They can’t stand each other. He’s a diva”

  • jen

    Honestly I dont know what to believe anymore, it seems like every other week theres a rumor about him and Stana not getting along but this is the first ive heard of him acting like a diva.

  • geordie

    Well I don’t always believe this stuff but he certainly doesn’t seem to support the rest of the cast or the show as much as all the others do him.He can tweet support to some dancer on DWTS but his 3 co-stars or the show..not a peep. So maybe his ego is showing.

    • GG

      There is something fishy between Fillion and Katic when it comes to Twitter. But if you don’t see him tweeting about his other co-stars every other day you read someone else’s Twitter. Go and check. Besides Twitter is about 0.01% of a normal person’s life.

      The more I read these comments the more I think this Adam dude just went trolling in Castle fandom for info to stir up trouble. Some of you sound so biased and immature I could believe it’s actually Katic who wrote this article to please her dumbest fans and release their angsty fantasies. Haha. I would, but she seems like a nice enough person, try to be more like her if you admire her so much.

      • Christina

        What a shitty thing to say about Katic even if you’re joking, idiots will still believe it, just like they’re believing this piece of garbage and now we’ll have some idiots spreading more lies somewhere else, this is how rumors start. Let’s make some shit and see how far spreads.

      • GG

        Not a fan of sarcasm? What r u gonna do with stupid trolls if not trolling them back?

      • Christina

        I love sarcasm in a controlled environment but when used on the Internet you can never know who might be reading you and by not getting your sarcasm believing everything you say, so it’s better not to use subtext

  • Jenna

    I haven’t had a laugh like that in a long time. What a load of crap!

  • Anonymous

    His ego has left him both fat and bloated!!! He needs to hit the gym and take off some of that weight around his ego. Then maybe we’ll reconsider him but the producers need to get a restraining order for Craft Services. The guy looks like a chipmunk now. He’s really packed the fat on and I don’t mean just his ego.

    He needs to stop but unless the producers decide to get Castle some plastic surgery and have another actor step into the role of Castle. As soon as he loses the weight, he can stop covering up in all those jackets and layers. Honestly, he needs to just be quiet and act.

    I watch the show because of Fillion in the beginning. But if his attitude is more ego than professional, I’ll switch camps and go with Beckett.

  • madi

    You forgot to mention that after Nathan dramatically shouted, “The show is called CASTLE not BECKETT,” he crafted a jet pack out of twizzlers and paper clips, blasted through the ceiling of the office he was in, took a quick trip around America, where he ultimately caused Kim Kardashian to accept Kanye’s proposal, Justin Bieber to be a pretentious little glowstick, and found and destroyed the scripts for the next seven National Treasure movies because he truly is America’s national treasure and Nicolas Cage hasn’t even bothered contacting him.

    • Melvin T Pelvis

      He’s Canadian

  • Quaffer

    im going to have to agree, this season doesn’t focus on castle as much as previous seasons. its a little dysfunctional. an amazing season nonetheless so far. i’d like to see more of castles charm though

  • Stella

    You cannot say you are a truly Castle fan or Stana fan and still believe on that crap. Come on. Stana says as much as possible how great it is to work with the man. Some years ago the same kind of BS was thrown about Stana e now we know the was nothing but a lie. I don’t believe they hate each other and I don’t believe neither of them act like a dive. When TVLine reported he missed a day of filming to protest, he didn’t defended himself, because it was not a lie. Today he twitted some thing about today’s rumors because is a lie. Why people give so much attention to things like that and totally ignore all the good things guest stars say about them?

    • Carter

      Has it occurred to you that Stana has manners and is the truly nice and smart person everyone says she is. Besides Stana said the nice things in the early days. I believe Nathan treats people nicely also. But I suspect his motives. I believes he is insecure enough to crave the attention that niceness will bring. The man seems to crave attention. I will refer you to his actions when the cast present themselves at the Paley Center. There, Stana is more reserved and sometimes shy. Whereas Nathan just acts silly and goofy. He would annoy the hell out of me. He really looks like a duck now. Some show of intelligence could possibly offset his awful nose and goofy smile. Marlowe, I beg of you, give the audience another leading man. He does not fit. At the 2013 Paley Center presentation, Stana got most of the attention from the fans. She so deserved it. She is loyal to the show.

  • Carter

    Probably a small incident being inflated. If it is true as it is being reported, then I must say Nathan is confused. Marlowe and Bowman admitted they interviewed 125 or 130 hopefuls before finding Stana. According to Bowman she caught his attention with her first reading for the part. Bowman stated at the Paley Center 2010 that there is no Castle without the right Beckett. He noted her beauty in first meeting and was blown away with her table read for the premiere show, after she had gotten the part. The show maybe named Castle but it is very obvious when Marlowe make statements in interviews that he considers them as co-stars. I personally believe that if Nathan left the show the writing staff is good enough to gear the scripts to make the audience accept another love interest for Beckett. (Hopefully someone handsome with acting abilities). Victor Webster or the billionaire, Ioan , come to mind. To underwrite the statement made by the visitor to the set (ref. Dana), I have been irritated with Nathan’s silliness for a long while now. At the 2013 Paley Center cast presentation, Molly said aloud , when a question was posed to Fillion, that the question was to intelligent for him.
    Fillion was embarrassing when he interrupted Bowman who was explaining the effects of HD. Even Jon and Seamus looked embarrassed for him. Stana spoke so intelligently on this subject that it only served to emphasize NF’s silliness. He is totally miscasted and has severely overstayed the mistake of his hiring.

    • nb

      wow, the depths of your delusion are impressive. It’s a good thing comments about weight, goofy smiles and noses (wtf?) are always here to fall back on and stop you from thinking.

    • cancerman

      Are you serious? Can’t you see that it was a joke from Molly? When people joke like that it means they are friends who are comfortable to joke around with someone who actually DOESN’T have a big ego. You see things in a very weird way and need to fix your sense of humor. And if you want people to take your opinions seriously you shouldn’t stoop to bashing someone’s looks.

      Jeez. But what do I want from comments on a gossip site? I’ll show myself out.

      • Carter

        Is any opinion that does not praise Nathan considered bashing. For educational purposes, and because I am kind enough to attempt to not allow you to remain limited, ‘opinions are usually based on pass conduct or present exhibited conduct’. When you read this relax and read a comic book.

  • castlelover

    What is wrong with you people? Are you really that gullible? Do you believe something just because it’s in print? I can’t count the number of times I’ve heard Nathan in many interviews, Paley events, Comic Cons, etc. say that he “leaves the writing of Castle in the hands of it’s very capable group of writers”. Does that sound like someone not happy with the direction of the show’s episodes? You folks who believe this sort of crap and even bother with its debate need to move on back to your “reality” shows and checkout counter gossip rags, and leave the thinking to those that can! Btw- hey, did you hear about the woman who just gave birth to a three-headed baby? Yeah, and the father is Justin Bieber!

  • cancerman

    The more I read from Fillion bashers the more I am convinced most of them lack any sense of humor or brains in general. Sorry. I was just blown by the stupidity of some comments here. The author of this rumor was clearly taking lessons from you guys.

  • Kristen

    No way on God’s green earth this is true. Nathan has a reputation as one of the nicest, most gracious people in Hollywood. This is a guy who encourages people to give to charity (via Twitter) instead of sending him a birthday present. Your journalism (if you can call it that) is shoddy. How do you look at yourself in the mirror, knowing the cr*p you’re publishing????

  • Devin McMusters

    Notice all the shows this season where the two are kept apart by the story. They needed to write it that way so they wouldn’t kill each other. Final season.

  • Anna Putnam

    SO what hes standing up for the show staying GOOD!

  • Kathleen Estes

    I don’t believe a word of this..It is a bunch of hog hooey..I really dislike crap like this..People actually believe this stuff..

  • Livus48

    Don’t believe a word of it…….some people will do anything, just on spite….
    Hopeless :-(

  • jsolo44

    I thot the show was giving him a huge rest by focusing on other characters so he did not have to work so hard. Beckett is so beautiful to look at (except for those god-awful hair extensions) and Castle looks bloated and uncomfortable. The two main characters still have magic, but don’t know how long it can last if Castle is unhappy, it might vegin to show thru.

  • Phillip

    From the first episode the show should have been “Beckett.” I had never heard of Stana Katic, but she is the reason I watch this show. If what I’m hearing about the future of “Castle,” Beckett will become Mrs Castle. There will no longer be Beckett, And there goes the show (A bad dad-gum Soap Opera). I say give Beckett her own show,

    • adm1406

      I think it would be a far better show without Castle, Alexis and Martha. The real talents are Stana and Tamala but Jon & Seamus are good too. Bring in a couple of new characters and you have the basis of a very fine show.

  • JJ

    Team CASTLE vsTeam BECKETT really Castle fans that’s nuts there one team right.they are the center and the center must hold.

  • adm1406

    I saw something earlier which seems to describe Nathan Fillion perfectly… he tells jokes for retards.

  • Meadowlark Lime

    In quotes, “It was the ultimate diva meltdown” – who talks like that?

  • Ana

    If Nathan is still trying to throw his weight around….well, if he gains anymore, he’ll get dropped by Kate because he is such a butterball and not very sexy. Usually when they cover a star’s tummy it’s because it’s a pregnant one….is he pregnant? He isn’t as attractive to us women when he has to almost waddle around. So, Nathan stop throwing the tizzies because you could get cancelled in a minute and then where would you be????????????????????????