Jada Pinkett Smith: Trying to Save Willow, And Her Marriage!

Thursday, November 7, 2013

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JADA Pinkett Smith has her work cut out.

The actress is apparently at her wits’ end as fights to save her wild-child daughter Willow Smith, and her rocky marriage to superstar Will Smith.

Jada, 42, is deter­mined to pull mega-talented but deeply troubled 13-year-old Whip My Hair singer Willow back from the brink after several episodes of shocking behavior.

But she’s struggling to maintain the facade that her 15-year marriage remains solid.

“These are very stressful days for Jada,” a source told American tabloid the National Enquirer.

“But she’s selflessly putting aside her personal anguish over her problems with Will to break through and rescue Willow.

“Jada is terrified that Willow’s already a victim of the ‘too much, too soon’ lifestyle that’s destroyed so many young performers.

“She’s even admitted that she and Will might have made mistakes allowing Willow and her big brother Jaden to reach for the stars so young.

“But Jada’s convinced that tough love combined with quality time together can undo the negative effects of developing Willow’s talent at the expense of her child­hood.

“Jada told a friend, ‘I know in my heart Willow’s a good girl. And I’ll do anything to save my baby’.

“The children have created a huge strain on Will and Jada’s marriage, and it doesn’t help that the couple appear to live separate lives.

“Jada is encouraging Willow to open up to her.

“They shop together, gossip to­gether and just take time to laugh with each other. Jada believes that while Willow may have been swept up in the tidal wave of show busi­ness fame, she can still have a normal childhood.

“She’s comforting Willow with a mother’s love, showing her that while fame is fleeting, family is forever.”


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  • Helen Myers

    Jada, FIGHT, FIGHT, FIGHT, for Willow. Willow is a sweet girl, with a heart of gold. Our teenagers, are living in a very complex world today. I am sort of experiencing the same challenges as you are today. I also have a young teenager, who is turning 13 years of age, this December of 2013. It’s hard, but never give up. FIGHT, FIGHT, FIGHT. Just to share food for thought. My oldest daughter was in the industry, she started at the tender age of 5. I pulled her out because of the vicious cycle. ‘It was for the best.’ She is currently in Grad School, about to graduate with her Master’s Degree. Stop allowing the media to label, Willow as a WILD CHILD, that is not positive reinforcement for her and could possibly damage her. Briana and I have written to Willow, asking her if she needed any type of assistance in her school work, we would be willing to assist her. Sometimes Jada, children relate better with their own peers. In closing, PREDATORS are vicious, and come in all different shapes, sizes and colors. I’m not afraid to except when it’s time for therapy. Therapy helps…