Chelsea Clinton is Pregnant

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Chicago Cares' 20th Annual Serve-a-thon! Serve-a-thon in Daley Plaza - June 15, 2013CHELSEA Clinton has some cracking news — she’s pregnant!

The former First Daughter has kept her promise to her father, former President Bill Clinton, and is giving him a grandchild.

In its new issue, Globe magazine has a picture of Chelsea’s burgeoning baby bump, as well as a heartwarming account of her pregnancy.

Reports previously claimed Chelsea wants a baby bcause she thinks it’ll save her shaky marriage to husband Marc Mezvinsky.

“For Chelsea, it’s a last-ditch attempt to save her marriage,” said a source.

“Bill and Hillary have continually distanced themselves from Marc, and Chelsea thinks that fathering their grand­child would bring Marc closer to them.”

Marc is reportedly concerned over Bill tapping one of Chelsea’s closest pals, Eric Braverman, for the fam­ily’s charitable organization, The Clinton Foundation.

Chelsea worked closely with Eric at the consulting firm McKinsey & Company and constantly gushed about him to her parents, said the source.

“While there’s nothing ro­mantic going on between them, Chelsea has something of a ‘crush’ on Eric,” said an in­sider. “He reminds her of her college boyfriend Ian Klaus, who was a Rhodes Scholar and had a great relationship with her dad.

“When the family re­cently decided to retool the Clinton Foundation, Chelsea suggested Eric would make a great hire – and Bill was so impressed that he made Eric CEO. Chelsea is now vice-chairman of the foundation’s board, so she sees Eric every day.

“Now that Chelsea has formally announced her in­tention to have a child in the next year, she’s hoping the tension be­tween Marc and her parents will ease, and she can get their marriage back on track.”

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  • ML NJ

    Good luck, Chelsea. Congratulations.

    • ML NJ

      (Should have said” I’m Heather’s -280 PAS- Dad.”)

  • Anonymous

    So Bubba tapped one of Chelsea’s friends. No surprise there.

    • Tama

      It was a dude, too

      • Anonymous

        OK, that’s kind of a surprise.

  • Bob Celeste

    Please God help and protect the baby from the clintons.

  • Todd Kiergen

    So let me see did I read that right… This broad is so flaky she got pregnant to trap some poor guy into staying married to her when he obviously already doesn’t want to be there… Way to stand on your own merits scum

  • Anonymous

    Yeah, getting preggers to “save” a bad marriage ALWAYS works. LOL! True to family DNA, there is no common sense, logic or reasoning skills here.

  • Anonymous

    The Globe??????? The Globe has been divorcing the Clintons for years. Their recent nonsense is that Bill is dying. Please, quote from a reliable source, not that rag.

  • Anonymous

    May i please suggest an abortion! Highly appropriate here.

  • Kree13

    I see the dingbats believe everything they read hence the comment board !!