Ashley Judd and Dario Franchitti Won’t Reconcile

Friday, November 8, 2013

"Olympus Has Fallen" Los Angeles Premiere - ArrivalsASHLEY Judd has been left heartbroken by estranged husband Dario Franchitti — because he doesn’t want her back.

After the racing car driver got into a traffic accident at the Grand Prix of Houston on Oct. 6 that left him serious injured, his estranged wife rushed to his side.

The incident made Ashley rethink their recent separation- but Dario, who is dating another woman, immediately spurned her advances.

“She’s heartbroken,” a source tells Star magazine.

However, close pals say that while Dario is focused on his recovery and his new girlfriend, “only time will tell what the future holds.”


  • Virginia Gander

    Please Please, for the love of God quit speculating on the relationship between Dario and Ashley. When there is any sort of announcement to be made it will be made by one or both of them. And quite frankley it is none of anyones business but theirs. The public is not owed information on their personnal lives regardless of what the press seems to believe. Give them some peace and privacy whether together or apart!

    • Jae

      Yes definately, some peace and privacy!

    • Elmo


  • Tony

    Judd has pointedly put herself and her opinions directly in front of the public eye, so if this is getting public scrutiny so be it. She actually toyed with running for a major political office in a state that she hasn’t lived in over 20 years. So if the public is looking at her it is her fault!

    • Elmo

      She would have destroyed McConnell!

      • Anonymous

        you’re an idiot. mcconnell would have cleaned her clock. She has never expressed a single opinion on national security, foreign policy, the economy, the deficit, or obamacare because she doesn’t understand any of that. she would have been roadkill in a debate.

  • Marina Francisco

    Remember when Ashley tweeted that she was rushing out the door to be with Dario with only the clothes on her back? A little birdie told me that she made time to hire a SECOND publicist before she hopped on a plane. All the reports that she and Dario might be reconciling were just spin … they managed to get one story in US Weekly and every other story was based on that one. It was never going to happen. Dario told her almost a year ago he wanted a divorce. He thought long and hard about the decision so when he finally pulled the trigger, there was no going back. Her attempt to pressure him into a reconciliation failed – you don’t win your husband back by hiring a publicist to plant fake stories.

    • Andrew Martin

      She’s the fickle one, always looking for more insight into her inner self and all that. He’s the calm, steady and predictable one. It’s more likely that Judd wanted to end the marriage.

    • Joy

      Ashley really did rush to be with Dario when he was hospitalized. You are making stuff up about Ashley and Dario, Marina!

      • Anonymous

        He was badly concussed. He hasn’t spent any time with her since then. Do you see her flying to be with him on weekends? Newp.

  • LisaC

    Why would she post on Twitter thanking Greg Moore for changing her life? That was within the last 2 weeks. I’m hoping they’re back together.

  • Joy

    New girlfriend? Where is the proof that Dario has one?!

    • Elmo

      I’m not saying I believe or don’t believe this, but just saying that perhaps a hypothetical new girlfriend doesn’t want to be in the media’s eye( wouldn’t blame her) and that’s why we might not necessarily know her name or other details.

    • Anonymous

      go back to twitter around the time of the racing accident. people were tweeting to the new girlfriend, who is employed in the racing world.

  • Jane

    There is no proof that Dario has a girlfriend or that she was spurned by him!

    • Anonymous

      He has a girlfriend named Beth Paretta. She is employed in the racing world.

  • Jay

    Stop telling lies! There is no proof that Dario has a girlfriend and no proof that he spurned Ashley. He and Ashley are good friends!

    • Anonymous

      His girlfriend’s name is Beth Paretta. She works in the racing world. Go back to all the tweets around the time of his accident – everybody in the racing world was tweeting to HER. Muggles like you were tweeting to Ashley but insiders know.

  • Anonymous

    yes he has and a nice person inside and out!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous


  • Tom Stahler

    Adam. You are an idiot. Traffic accident? Have you ever watched a race? Trust me, Dario is MUCH better off.

  • DIY

    he doesn’t need that egomaniac. get a down to earth girlfriend

    • Anonymous

      Why is she an egomaniac? She is an educated woman and has done a lot to help others than either he or you most likely. She should dump him. She can do better.

      • Anonymous

        educated woman? she has 1140 SATs and was rejected by every college but one. she went to a vanity degree program at harvard and needed extensive tutoring just to get through it. she hasn’t helped anybody – she so cheap she squeaks when she walks. check out her campaign contributions – oh wait, she hasn’t made any. As for Dario, he has helped TONS of people. He does it quietly. He puts his money where his mouth is. He is well known to be very generous to up-and-coming young racers. He helps people with their financial needs. She has bitched at him every time he helped anyone. And when he did a charity bicycle race she didn’t donate a penny.

        That house in Scotland that “they” own? He paid for EVERYTHING – he put in millions, she put in $250,000. He’s buying her out and keeping it and he’s paying her half of the full value. She’s making a $2 million profit on her $250K investment.

        In fact, she’s whining in the divorce negotiations about how her income potential is going down so she needs more support from him. Yet in public she acts like an independent feminist.

        Give me a break.

  • Anonymous

    She should drop him. He’s not worth her time.

  • Andrew Martin

    Judd stayed with him at the hospital 24/7 and escorted him by medical aircraft back to IN. I doubt this would be the case if he had a new girlfriend.
    He hasn’t been seen with another woman or brought another woman to the track. Although, it would be understandable if he didn’t out of respect to his Judd.
    Anyway, Judd and Dario have never stopped being friends and never said they were getting back together.
    Stop with the fiction.

    • Joy

      Thanks Andrew for setting the record straight!

    • NJ

      There was a woman with him at the track all season. My son saw her at Indy where he lives and I saw her at Infineon. He took a photo of her, and I saw her in pit lane. Same girl.

      • Andrew Martin

        No there wasn’t. Unless you’re talking about Dan Wheldon’s sister.

  • Guest

    P.S. She’s the fickle one, always looking for more insight into her inner self and all that. He’s the calm, steady and predictable one. I would be surprised if it was him and not her that was done with the relationship then and now.

  • Destiny

    this is so crazy who really knows and understands ,what is going on with this Marriage . they where at war fare for some time and this was the reason for the separation . and there have been rumors of infidelity on Dario’s part ,ma by that is what the fights where about.

  • Joy

    I won’t comment anymore on Dario’s private life but I am glad he still working for the Target team as an advisor.