Jennifer Aniston Might Go Topless in Millers 2!

Thursday, November 21, 2013

"We're the Millers" New York City Premiere - ArrivalsJENNIFER Aniston has given up on her dream of getting pregnant — and instead refocusing on her career.

The actress — whose relationship with fiance Justin Theroux is believed to be on the rocks — is even considering going topless in the sequel to her hit comedy We’re the Millers.

“If Jennifer thought there was any chance that she’d be getting pregnant, there’s no way she’d prepare for a project in which she’ll have to strip down,” a source told American tabloid the National Enquirer.

“The truth is that Jen and Justin have been trying all year to conceive with no luck.

“She tried every fertility treatment available, which is why she packed on the pounds over the summer and was sporting what some people thought was a baby bump at the New York premiere of We’re the Millers.

“Jen’s completely torn over the prospects of going topless because she’s made $45 million from her ‘America’s Sweetheart’ persona.

“But with Justin encouraging her to go for it, she’s serious­ly considering revealing her breasts in Millers 2 before she gets too old!”

Jen has all but signed on to reprise her role as stripper Rose, and that she wants filming to be done in six months – as soon as pos­sible after she wraps Horrible Bosses 2.

“Jen’s in her best shape ever and can’t wait to show it off. She says she loved playing a stripper in her 40s, and Justin’s been urging her to get edgier with her roles.

“It’s possible the topless shot will be from a distance and Jen will be wearing a body stocking or even body art, but she’s also discussed with the studio the possibility of a close-up with her breasts pixilated or covered with a funny blooper motif. She thinks that could be funny but still provocative.

“Since they haven’t been able to conceive naturally, Jen and Jus­tin are now looking at adoption or hiring a surrogate. She’s not going to let anything get in the way of starting a family with Justin.”



  • Anonymous

    I wouldn’t do nudity if I were her , she will only reaffirm what some people have said , she will throw away her Legacy of Comedy if she reaffirms nudity as her Legacy , Children are a Gift from God , she should ask him for Direction instead of the director , life is not a movie , life is an experience only passed through once , no rewinding no replay, meditation is what is needed now , not over reacting

    • Daisy


  • Pixie

    I certainly hope this story is a lie, This would be so degrading to Jennifer at this point in her life. She has to much class i would hope than to pull her top of in a movie at 44 years old. Enough already.

  • Anton

    Mid Life crisis for no man Aniston. Pity.

  • Melany

    How disgusting and desperate for attention at almost 45. Thought you had some class turns out you have nothing but desperation at this point. Grow up!

    • jilly

      She has a great body and wants to show it off. You sound like a grandma Melany! Grow up!


    Good idea.

    • stfu jilly

      yeah right, you jentards call her classy and she makes sure her hard nipples are always on mags.not to mention that she still take off her clothes for stupid films. this tranny reeks of desperation

      • CL.GARRY

        You reek of jealousy.
        Jen’s nipples looks great.
        Very sexy.


    Jilly, Happy Thanksgiving!

  • Janella

    this iidea of doing yet another ‘nude’ scene is beginning to sound stupid for me. pls don’t make her appear so desperate for attention. if younger actresses like emma stone can do comedy without taking their clothes off, why can’t she? the producers are making it appear that her movies will only make money if she’s showing off her bod and that’s where they’re capitalizing on. jen, pls don’t! we love you as rachel and that is enough. you’re 42, show respect on yourself and others will follow suit. seems you’re trying to outdo yourself since horrible bosses with that banana act and that stripper dance. i hope to see you in movies where i can take my 8-yr old daughter who idolizes you.

    • stfu jilly

      but she is DESPERATE, get over it

  • Janella

    no jen please don’t!!! you don’t need to do take off your clothes to prove that you’re a great comedic actress. we want our rachel back!