Warren Beatty and Annette Bening Heading For Divorce

Monday, December 2, 2013

Warren Beatty and Annette BeningWARREN Beatty and Annette Bening are on the rocks!

Friends of the Hollywood power couple — who haven’t been seen photographed together in public for at least six months — fear they could be on the fast track to a $108 million divorce.

Thension over the their transgender son Stephen’s lifestyle has finally reached the boiling point. Stephen, 21, was born a female and named “Kathlyn.”

He began his transformation into becoming a ma?n in 2010 and now takes hormones to sound and look more masculine, a source told American tabloid the National Enquirer.

While Mom Annette, 55, has fully embraced his new identity, her 76-year-old husband has had a “very difficult time coming to terms with it,” the source continued.

“Warren doesn’t understand the whole transgender thing at all, and it’s driven a deep wedge in his marriage.

“Although Annette and Warren still love each other, pals believe that the next step could be divorce court.”

Warren was left furious when Stephen recently made a public service announcement, protesting a New York State Medicaid regulation that excludes transgender people from getting healthcare coverage.

In addition to becoming an outspoken advocate for the transgender community, the college student also revealed on Twitter that he has a boyfriend, blithely noting: “I’m trans and gay. Double the fun.”

“Warren’s an intensely private person and he’d rather that Stephen keep his sexuality more low-key,” explained the source.

“Stephen’s activism has deeply affected Annette and Warren’s marriage.

“They don’t communicate much and don’t seem to want to be in each other’s lives anymore.

“No one is cheating with anyone else – they’ve just drifted apart.”



  • Nevermind

    I’m not surprised. The oldest girl, Kathlyn, has daddy issues. She hates him for some reason. Maybe she was abused by him, who knows. Now she wants to be called Stephen Ira (not Stephen Ira Beatty, which is also telling) and pretends to be a gay boy (so, she still goes for boys, but now just as a gay boy. I wonder what her partner thinks, especially if he really is a gay boy. Buth then, maybe he’s a frying pan identifying as a gay boy, since Stephen Ira describes herself as identifying as a gay guy.). Now mom, Annette, is Stephen’s fave parent, probably because she plays along without asking questions. Dad Warren is the bad guy, because he can’t wrap his brain around it (and maybe because he’s done something to Kathlyn to make her end up as Stephen Ira). Yah, I know: everybody’s going to jump on me, calling Stephen he and him and applauding the kid for “his” brave coming out, when in reality Kathlyn/Stephen is just a highly intelligent, high maintenance, ADHD, “I’m an expert on the subject, any subject”, snotty kid of 21.