Paul Walker and Roger Rodas Were Driving at 100 MPH

Monday, December 2, 2013

Flags Of Our Fathers US Premiere - ArrivalsPAUL Walker and his friend Roger Rodas were driving at around 100 MPH when their Porsche Carerra GT  wrapped around a pole in Santa Clarita, north of Los Angeles on Saturday night.

The posted speed limit near Rye Canyon Loop and Kelly Johnson Parkway is 45 mph.

“Though the investigation is in its early stages, investigators from the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department believe the Porsche was going over 100 mph,” a source close to the investigation said.

Walker and Rodas both died on impact, the case insider suggested.

“Both men wore seat belts… (but) if the Porsche wouldn’t have hit the pole, Paul and Roger would likely still be alive today,” said the source.

Cops believe there was significant speed because the Porsche was split in half after hitting the pole. It was also hit with such great force that it knocked over.

Meanwhile, the coroner is still waiting for dental records to properly identify the men’s bodies.

“Their bodies were burned beyond recognition,” Los Angeles County Coroner Assistant Chief Ed Winter told RadarOnline. “The autopsies are on hold at this time and could be performed on Tuesday.”
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